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Makuha ka sa Tingin: The Power of Making Eye Contact

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Have you ever thought about the power of eye contact?

Animals have different ways of proving who the alpha male is. As for humans, though, men neither bash antlers, nor do they bite each other. While men size each other up by the size of their bodies or muscle strength, there is a simpler way of determining masculine superiority - we can do so with a mere gaze.

Just think about it-when two men lock eyes and stare at each other in anger, the one who breaks the gaze is weaker, and the other, stronger.


It's not actually a sign of physical strength, though-it's a sign of who is more dominant during that situation, who has the stronger personality, and who carries himself with more bravado.

A Woman Can See Through the Windows of Your Soul
Women, in general, love manly men. Whether you like it or not, a woman will judge you by the way you walk, the way you stand, the way you talk, and most especially, the way you look at her. This means you need to carry yourself like an alpha male all the time, and your eye contact (or lack thereof) will actually tell a woman many things about you.

Eye Contact Exudes Confidence and Sex Appeal
Nothing else tells a woman that you are weak more than avoiding eye contact-they can actually tell if you're a total sissy and lack confidence and self-respect.

Think about the last time you were on a date with a very special girl, or when you met someone you really liked for the first time. Did you look directly and deeply into her eyes? Did you look at her without breaking your gaze? It's something you need to be aware of, because eye contact is very, very, very powerful. It tells the girl, "Hey, I don't want to focus on anything else but you."

Maintain eye contact without being scary, and in her eyes, you'll be oozing with male-confidence and sex appeal.

The Importance of Eye Contact
Now that you know how powerful eye contact is, you need to understand that it's not just locking gazes that matters. It's also important how you make it. Don't do it wrong, or you'll come off either too confident or just plain creepy.

It's something you really need to do right. Look at her too intently and you might end up making her feel uncomfortable. You might scare her off, and chances are, she won't ever talk to you again.

How to do it the right way? Make sure to gaze, not stare. A gaze is when you look in a general direction, while a stare is when you're looking directly at a point. Don't stare at women, because they won't only break the gaze-they might also break your nose. It's rude and creepy.

There's an alpha male inside every man, and unleashing yours could be one of your biggest achievements. It's not all about learning to live an alpha male lifestyle-it's about being smooth with the ladies. How do you do it? Master the art of making eye contact.