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Make Her Laugh, Win Her Heart

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

It's a fact of life: women dig funny guys. This proposition, however, has a more profound overtone. Studies constantly show that a good sense of humor suggests intelligence, creativity, and other "good genes" traits.  Simply put, women are not attracted to just humor, per se; she is also drawn to the traces of intelligence in every funny word a man utters.

Knowing that being funny can increase your desirability when dating or wooing your crush with gifts and kind words is not enough. Take note that not all banters or antics you wish to blurt out or act on are good and funny.  Every funny man is bound by some unwritten protocols; getting around these rules might give ladies the impression that you're sarcastic and unimaginative.


Try Hard, But Not Too Hard

A lot of guys try way too hard to be funny. There's nothing wrong with that, but going overboard with your effort, might only end up with you coming off as corny and annoying. The worst case scenario here is when you create a fake personality just to make her laugh. A fake persona will only cause problems when you decide to show your real side eventually. Be comfortable with your own sense of humor.

No, Mr. Bean Antics, Please

For Charlie Chaplin's sake, you're not Mr. Bean! Going slapstick is also an indicator that you're trying too hard. This, however, should not be the case if you're awkward by nature. When it comes to first impressions, what you see is what you get. If you act like a chucklehead, she will automatically think that you're a chucklehead. Moreover, breaking things and hurting yourself are not cool.

You're Not Allowed to Be Sexist

While some women don't mind hearing sexist jokes, avoid sharing one at all costs. Sexist jokes are a social faux pas that say so much about the values you hold. If she keeps hearing such jokes come out of your mouth, she might ask herself, "Does he speak to his mom or sisters this way?" Make sure that your mom or sisters will appreciate whatever jokes you have to say.   

Keep It Fresh, Deliver it Well

This is where the equivalence of being funny and being smart loses it: you quote a line from How I Met Your Mother and relate it to the situation. If she laughs, that's one point. Otherwise, you will realize that you shouldn't do it again. The point here is that anyone can quote Vice Ganda and other local comedians, but is that really saying something? You need to be original. Originality is the best to exhibit your wit and intelligence.

Don't forget the delivery. A good joke usually ends up being wasted because of a failed delivery. Don't laugh before you even finish a joke. While deadpan delivery can sometimes be dead funny, you're not supposed to resort to this method every single time. Just be natural.

Being a funny guy is serious business. If you're committed to winning a girl's heart, always keep in touch with your funny side and be patient; you'll surely have the last laugh. You need to know when to stop, however. Your funny persona's downtime gives you a mysterious appeal, which is also among the things that women usually look for in guys.