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Losing "The One": The Pain of Getting Dumped by the Perfect Girl

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Few people can really define what the perfect girl is like, but you can do it just by saying her name. You know that she is different from everyone else. This girl is the kind of woman that kings fight over and bards write songs about. She was everything you dreamed of, and somehow, you ended up in a relationship with this angel.

You couldn't believe your luck, and for a time, life seemed perfect. The two of you laughed, did silly things together, shared everything, and were pretty much the picture of an ideal relationship. You would wake up in the morning grinning like an idiot, simply because you would get to see her that day. Your friends even kept asking when you planned to marry.

And then the dream ended. Whether it was because of one reason or a hundred, and no matter whose fault it was, things just didn't work out between the two of you. Maybe you didn't even see it coming; she just came up to you one day, with tears in her eyes, and told you that it was over.  Getting hit by an eight wheeler truck would have been less painful or sudden.

The pain of losing the one you love most

You lost more than just the girl. You lost plans for the future, belief in true love, and perhaps even your past together. Memories that you used to cherish are now incredibly painful to recall. Was it all for nothing? Were all those sweet promises you made to each other worthless?  

The inner turmoil you experience can't be described. Dumped guys go through a hurricane of emotions, each its own special kind of pain. Anger, regret, grief, self pity... and then finally, numbness. It's hard to care about anything anymore when seemingly everything you built up has just come crashing down. All you can think of is her, and how she's out of your life now.

But it shouldn't stay like that. Sooner or later, you have to move on.

Picking up the pieces of a broken heart 

There's no easy way to recover from something like this. Losing someone that used to take up such a big part of your life is like having one of your limbs cut off. It might take months or years before you truly get over her, assuming you ever do.  Still, you can't put your life on hold until that happens. No matter how painful it might be, you need to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

In this situation, friends are priceless.  They probably won't listen to you whine, and it's a bad idea to subject the poor lads to that anyway, but they will be there for you. Good friends will do their best to cheer you up, and you should take them up on that offer. Nothing good will come from locking yourself up in your room and wallowing in self pity. 

You should also start improving yourself. Join a gym, pick up a new hobby, learn a valuable skill, anything; just do something that's good for you. Are we saying that any of these things could have helped you keep her? No, but it can rebuild your self-esteem and help take your mind off the pain, in a much more beneficial way than drowning yourself in alcohol.

Finally, be thankful that you had the chance to be with such a wonderful girl. One day you will be able to look back and smile at the happy memories you two created. There might not have been a happy ever after, but it was still a good story, right?