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Local Smartphone Brands: Why It's Worth a Look

by Tech Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

While the Xperias, Galaxies, and iPhones are battling it out to bring the freshest offering to the mobile phone table, the local brands, on the other hand, are benefitting from this nonstop craze. The Philippines is one of the largest markets of smartphones, but most Filipinos prefer not to indulge themselves in this costly fad. To bridge the gap between needs and wants, local smartphone manufacturers came into the scene. Sure, these models have some minor compromises, but they are providing the same features as the big brands.

With high-end smartphones dominating the scene, it can often feel there are no other phone choices on the market. There are actually many mid-tier brands, however, sitting in one corner, which are greatly functional and won't drain your finances.


The Mighty One - Cherry Mobile
This affordable brand has caught the attention of many Pinoys, being one of the most affordable phones to house a dual-core chipset. Its most popular model, the Cherry Mobile Flare, offers you the basics of a top-tier Android smartphone with powerful capabilities. The price, of course, is enticing, with prices for phones being only a fraction of a price of a mid-tier, low spec leading brand smartphone.

The Pinoy Pride - MyPhone
What started as a small phone distributor ended up with making one of the first Pinoy phones that feature a dual SIM capability and a quad-core chipset.  Offering affordable Android phones among the Filipinos, MyPhone constantly grew in both reach and sales. The company's line continuously expands, as they offer more selections to choose from, including the basic call and text phones to high-end, gaming rig Android smartphones.

The MyPhone A919 launch that happened last year at the SM North Edsa Annex almost caused a pandemonium. Enough said.

The Rising Star - Starmobile
Sure, top-tier Android phones such as Samsung and HTC are mobile beasts, but you will never look at these devices the same way again once you get your hands on Starmobile's line. Its latest offering, the Starmobile Octa, is the company's most feature-packed phone to date. It has USB OTG, NFC, wireless display capabilities, and wireless charging. Best of all, the phone houses an octa-core chipset, with a price being only a fraction of a Samsung Galaxy S5 price.

See for yourself how this phone will benefit both your Android demands and wallet.

The Affordable Choice - Torque
Jumping on the flow of mobile phone usage five years ago, Torque brought together a wide selection of mobile options that will fit the budget and lifestyle of the Filipino market. Today, the company has established itself as one of the key players in the local smartphone market with its affordable phones packed with high-end-like features.

With the existence of these local brands, people can already own a feature-packed Android smartphone at an affordable cost. Apart from being the text capital of the world, the Philippines is on its way to becoming a solid Android country.