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The Life That Awaits Mr. Suave

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

You can judge a man by many things: the kind of people he hangs out with, the shoes and clothes he wears, the money he makes, or the way he treats his mother; but how about facial hair?

Can you tell if by simply donning a mustache or a beard make you a better person in the eyes of the society? Does facial hair translate into success with women and in life? More importantly, can you live a healthier life by letting your peach fuzz grow full?

To speak as if the strands of hair that stubbornly grow on your face can turn your life around sounds ridiculous, but, truthfully, they're more than just dead cells.

Yes, adding some facial hair to your fashion statement, or making it a part of your everyday look, surely makes a big difference. A lot bigger than you'd expect. Regardless of the style you want to sport-be it a clean-shaven Tom Rodriguez appearance, an Anthony Pettisesque goatee, a Derek Ramsey-like five o'clock shadow, a fully groomed beard a la James Harden, a wild and feral caveman look, or Paquito Diaz's iconic mustache-your whiskers, or the lack of them, create an impression to others, say something about your behavior, and attract women.

The Stigma of Stubble
Many studies have associated stubble with the perception of sociability. Any distinctive and visible facial hair easily renders a man aggressive, dominating, and rugged. This tends to make people feel a bit intimidated toward you. You may be perceived as less cheerful, caring, or generous compared to your clean-looking brethren.

Also, beared and mustachioed men usually don't get points for cleanliness. The notion about shaving as equivalent to grooming tells people to think that way. While this is not universally and necessarily true, of course, many people can't help but get the feeling that the wearer, even with the patchiest facial hair, don't clean up regularly at a glance.

Where You Wear It Matters
Every social setting calls for the right appearance. Sometimes, it's ill-advised to wear stubble of any length on certain occasions. You may consider trimming before going to job interviews or meeting your girl's parents for the first time. This will help you look sociable based on your appearance alone.
The presence or absence of facial hair should go well with your line of work. Sporting any type of facial hairstyle suits a less conservative profession, like being an artist or a musician, while it's best to stay clean-shaven if you're a banker, a politician, or a media practitioner to avoid evoking a negative impression from others. A hairless face usually displays trustworthiness.

Manly Mentality
A mustache and a beard only mold the perception of others toward you, but they shape the way you see yourself as well. Any form of facial hair adds muscle to your manhood. It's not surprising for a guy with a patina of stubble to look more masculine than a dude without.

Facial hair makes you look more mature, which is why many teenagers try to jump from adolescents to adulthood by nurturing a young fuzz of soft, baby hair. Older men, on the other hand, can go with a cleaner look for a youthful glow.

Growing some hair on your face tells your brain that you're manlier, thus giving your self-esteem a little boost. This kind of self-perception helps you act with dominance and assertiveness. As a matter of fact, the mere wearing of a fake beard or mustache may take your confidence several notches higher. In essence, a shave might help if you're struggling with anger management issues.

Tool for Attraction
Facial hair and sex appeal have a connection, but there's no definitive answer if chicks dig whiskers. Some women find light stubble attractive, while others fall head over heels for men with a thick, evenly outlined beard or a tidy mustache. It's just a matter of personal preference.

Donning any facial hairstyle you fancy is ultimately up to you. Just keep in mind the magic every strand of whisker can bring to achieve the kind of effect you have in mind.