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Lens Battle: The 5 Best Camera Smartphones of 2014

by Tech Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Almost every month, we hear news about some new smartphone making its debut on the market. Ads bombard us with new specs - better performance, higher RAM capacity, and all that. They even introduce different sensors that, apparently, make the whole experience better.

These upgrades also improve the cameras installed on the phones. For shutterbugs who like to use their phones for images, it all gets confusing to choose the right phone with the perfect camera. So, the question now is: which ones have the finest lenses today?

The thing is, megapixel count isn't enough to gauge the overall greatness of a camera. Alongside the resolution and image size, you also have to look at different features that make it a good lens. After all, you do want to post decent photos on your Facebook and Instagram.

Lucky for you, we have compiled five of the best-performing smartphones with impressive cameras to help you decide on your next gadget. Read on to know more about today's top smartphones that feature the best, beefiest cameras out there. Just please, for the love of your manliness, don't take selfies with these phones - or any phone, for that matter.