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League of Legends: Join the Ranks of Men Dating Hotter Women

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

It’s happened to many of us: you fall in love with the girl that has everything. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her, and that’s the problem. How is the sorry looking sap staring back at you in the mirror supposed to pursue someone like that?

The Difference Between Arrogance and Confidence

Most magazines and self-help books will tell us that appearances don’t matter, and all we need is confidence to win the girl over. The problem with this kind of advice is that it’s incomplete and lazy to boot. Do they expect us to build confidence out of nowhere? There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance, and that line is the presence of a foundation.


May ipagyayabang ka ba?” is an important question we all have to ask ourselves. Is there anything about us that we can proudly show the girl of our dreams to impress her? If the answer is yes, good for us, right? But what if it’s no? Surely, there must be something we can do about it.

Take a Shower

First, forget the girls aren’t visual creatures bull. They’re attracted to looks just as much as guys are; the only difference is that they don’t depend on it as much as we do. There are a lot of psychological and anthropological reasons to explain this, but that’s not important right now. The bottom line is that girls care about looks, and we need to work on ours ASAP.

Increasing attractiveness is always a tricky task to complete since we all have our own look and personality that significantly affects how other people see us. What might work for someone might be “trying too hard” or “not trying hard enough” for the next dude. Fortunately, there are a few constants we can comfortably rely on in the many times of doubt.

Good grooming is the most obvious requirement to fill, and yet some of us still struggle to put it into practice. One of the biggest reasons for this is the persistent spread of the “dirty look” myth. This is the idea that there are certain people who become more attractive if they look like they don’t care about what they look like.

The fact of the matter is the dirty look takes more planning and attention than virtually every other look in the book. The basic idea of good grooming isn’t to look like a leading man every time; the only goal is to look like we take a shower every day, which moves us to our next point – smell.

Make Her Take a Deep Breath

Women like someone who smells good, and even use it as an adjective to describe visual appearance. “Mukhang mabango” is a common compliment, and highlights the importance women place on scent. If looks are what get girls to notice guys, odor is what convinces them that they made the right call in giving us a chance.

Keep Her Guessing

There’s a big difference between preparing to talk to the girl of your dreams and actually doing it. All those times practicing conversations and planning scenarios in your head don’t count for anything in the face of the real thing. The initial interaction is what separates the men from the boys, and there’s nothing more important than making the best possible impression.

This is the point of no return, it’s at this point when girls decide whether there’s any substance beyond the effort we put into our looks, or if that’s all we have to offer. There are plenty of things worse than talking to a boring person, but girls don’t have the patience to deal with uninteresting people either way.

In order to stand on the same level as the girl of their dreams, guys need to keep them guessing with every successive interaction. This can be tricky as most guys interpret this as “become a bad boy” or something similar.

No, you don’t have to change personalities on every date, it’s always best to treat the girl with the respect and adoration she deserves. The trick is to finding different and exciting ways of showing that affection.

Love Yourself

The final piece of the puzzle is attitude. You may look like you’re on top of the world, but it won’t mean a thing if you feel down in the dumps. If smelling and looking good don’t seem to be enough to build confidence, try this exercise.

Stand in front of a full-length mirror to look at yourself, and just appreciate what you see. Confidence is as much about how you look at yourself as how others see you. Look at the progress you’ve made. If you can turn what you were before into something this good, what’s stopping you from doing anything you want?

Appreciate yourself and get the girl.