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The Key to Conquering Your Work for the Week

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

When the weekend rolls in, some of us can't think of anything better to do than just crash in bed and wake up on Monday. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but the week can be so tiring that you feel completely drained once the weekend comes, and even more so when it's Sunday evening and you're dreading another work week. There's that air of angst every time we think of the workweek. Regardless of how much we absolutely love the kind of work we do, getting motivated to come in once the week starts is a real struggle.

So how do you conquer your work for the week?

Take the last remaining hours of your Sunday to prepare yourself for work on Monday. We aren't talking about doing any heavy work - simply put; it's getting your mind geared for the workday. You can do this by:
  • Getting organized. As you're about to settle down in bed, take some time to strategize and create a plan on how you're going to go about the day tomorrow. Do you have papers to write or are you going to meet some important clients? Fix your schedule now before the work day. Heading into work prepared and organized is going to make a potentially manic Monday into less of a struggle. If you need to make a to-do list, now's the time to do it.


Alternatively, head on to the apps store and search for productivity apps that you can download on your phone or tablet. Some productivity apps worth mentioning include the following:
  1. Slack (Available on Android and iOS) - This app takes instant messaging to the next level by supporting file storage and coordination components. You can set up group discussions and even integrate it with other apps.
  2. Trello (Available on Android and iOS) - Trello is a digital bulletin board that allows you to create to-do lists, notes, and store images. You can drag and drop from one section to another and integrate it with Google Drive for improved productivity on every level.
  3. Google Drive (Available on Android and iOS) - Who doesn't use Google Drive to share documents and other work/school essentials? Make sure to have this app on your phone so you can review things and get things done while on the way to school or the office.
  • Thinking of the little things. What clothes are you going to wear tomorrow? Are you going to pack lunch instead of getting McDonald's again? This might seem trivial to some, but preparing these little things ahead of time gives you more time to work - not to mention helps you avoid running late. After all, we're sometimes just as guilty as the ladies when it comes to deciding what to wear to school or the office. 
  • Doing morning workouts. Getting up in the morning to face the week isn't easy, but it's even more difficult if we feel lethargic. Find some time to squeeze some stretches, crunches, pushups, and light jogging in before you prepare for work. Even a simple, everyday routine like this is enough to keep us pumped and awake for the entire day. 
  • Checking your inbox every Sunday evening. Granted, there should be a clear separation of workweek and weekend, but it doesn't hurt to check your inbox from time to time. The ideal time to do this is as you're settling down for bed on a Sunday evening. By checking your inbox, you can mentally prepare yourself for whatever tasks and projects lie ahead this week. After all, it's better knowing that you have plenty of work to do the day before than getting a nasty surprise when you open your inbox at work that's going to demotivate you.
When the work day finally comes, there are also a few strategies to keep in mind that will help you be more productive. These include:
  • Preparing for your daily agendas. Whether there's a meeting later on or you simply have a load of tasks that you need to finish before noon, you need to prepare yourself for the day ahead. The first few minutes of your time at the office should be all about preparing for your daily agenda. Get your papers and documents ready, make sure your files are all arranged, and make sure your email inbox is ready to go. If you're doing a presentation later, make sure you do some rehearsals and have your files ready.
  • Alternate between tasks you love and tasks you'd rather not do. Admit it, there are some things you just love working on, and you should do these first before anything else. Why? Your enthusiasm to do these favorite tasks is infectious and it spreads to all of the work you do. When you begin working on something that you really enjoy, you'll find that any work they throw at you is enjoyable. It's simple tactic, but it's really effective.
Keep these pointers in mind the next time you feel like you just can't get motivated to get when you know it's already Monday tomorrow. By doing these, you'll have an easier time conquering the dreaded workweek.