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Keeping Pimples from Forming Marks and Scars

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

These hurt when they form, and these are unsightly and feel filthy once they appear on your skin.  These are the times when you will realize that acne has its own ways of wiggling out of your prepubescent years and devastating you as you make it into adulthood.

To top it all, pimples can leave marks and scars. And these are not the battle scars that you can be proud of. Having these unwanted "badges of honor" can certainly take a toll on your self-esteem. Nevertheless, there are some ways to prevent the pesky acne from creating permanent hollows and micro-craters on your skin.

The Difference Between Pimple Marks and Scars

Many are confused with pimple marks and scars. Some even think these are the same thing. Pimple marks are the spots or blemishes left behind by a subdued pimple. These are easily noticeable, as their shade is different from the rest of your skin. These are flat, and you can conceal them without any difficulty. Depending on your skin's mechanics, the marks can fade on their own. Sometimes, it takes a long time.


Pimple scars, on the other hand, are indentations on the skin that may be visible when the pimples are gone after some time. These appear when the normal skin tissue is damaged and is replaced by tougher ones. The scars are colorless, but are visible under direct light. Despite this, these are more difficult to cover up, as it's not always possible to fill the "hollows" up.

The Root Causes of Pimple Marks and Scars

Primarily, pimple scars occur because your pick at your pimples. This is a factor that you can put within your control. There are, however, predetermined dynamics that cause this problem. For instance, genetics can tell if you are going to have scars. Not to discourage you, but if your dad has endured those facial hollows throughout his adult years, you're likely to go the same way, too.

The risk of scarring becomes greater if you delay treatment. When you do nothing to your pimples, these may get inflammatory. This type of pimple may penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. Your exposure to sun can boost melanocytes, or the cells in your skin that produce melanin. When this happens, the scars and marks become darker.

Dealing with the Dilemma

Dealing with what your pimples have left you can be fairly simple. Then again, it may depend on the gravity of the case. While the marks will fade on their own, it usually takes time. If you want to hasten the recovery phase, use topical creams. The product should contain glycolic and salicylic acid.

You can use skin lighteners if the spots stand out. If your case is pretty serious, you can ask a dermatologist if you can undergo a treatment. Typically, fillers and lasers are used to correct the issue.

For prevention, always keep your hands off your face if you have pimples. To lessen the chances of pimples and scarring, keep your face clean by using facial wash and cleanser.