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Keeping Hat/Helmet Hair from Ruining Your Style

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Who doesn't love a good hat? Be it a baseball cap, a beanie, or even a Fedora, a quality piece of headwear is an important piece in many a bro's wardrobe and closet.

As we head deeper into the rainy season that is the BER months, a hat is basically becoming necessary. The problem for us guys, though, is that these headwear don't care about our hair, or how long it took us to perfect our 'do. Yes, we're talking about one of the most annoying little things about men's hair care: hat hair.

Hat hair, which you can also get by wearing other types of headwear (e.g., a helmet), has been the downfall of many a bro, particularly their hairstyles. But we can fight back.

Here's how you can keep hat/helmet hair from ruining your style:

1. Let Things Dry

Don't put on a hat or a helmet while your hair is still wet to avoid indentations/unruliness when it dries up. You should also use as little styling product as you can, since you won't have much control over your mane once you don a cap.

Once you get back indoors and remove the headwear, run damp (not soaking) hands through your hair to re-style it.


2. Wear with Care

Choose your headwear properly. As with your pants and shirt, go for something with a tiny bit of extra room for comfort. If you don't want your hat to cap your style, go for something that's not too tight or too heavy.

Ideally, the hat you choose should still let you fit a finger between its band and your scalp. Also, be sure to put it on carefully, preferably from the front to the back of the head to minimize any disturbance to your hair.

3. Tools at the Ready

If you know you'll be suiting up for cold weather or a motorcycle ride, anticipate the consequences. Keep a few products on hand to reclaim your hairstyle.

If things just look a little flat, some texturizing powder or even wax can restore some body. If things get too, erm, hairy, you can go hardcore and break out the gel or pomade.

4. Keep Hydrated

Another way to keep your hat hair tamed and cooperative is to keep it hydrated. Use a hydrating shampoo, or if you have dandruff or dry scalp, go for a nourishing anti-dandruff shampoo.

For quick fixes, use pomade or a lightweight cream hair product with moisturizing nutrients. You can also try leave-in conditioners and even oil.

5. Cut it Out

Some haircuts are more accommodating when it comes to wearing hats, helmets, and other headwear. If you can pull it off and you're comfortable with it, try 'dos that are shorter on the sides. This gives the band of your headwear less hair to indent, which means you only have the top of your head to worry about.

6. Condition Yourself

When hair is too dry (as is often the case when the head gets 'baked' inside a helmet), it attracts electrical charges, which causes the strands to repel each other. This static adds to the unruliness of your hat hair.

Unless you're trying to pull off Einstein's shock style, we recommend conditioning your hair regularly. It doesn't have to be the conditioner for ladies, per se. There are anti-dandruff or hydrating shampoos for men that already come with conditioner.

7. Back in the Water

Sometimes, you have to accept defeat. To do so gracefully, you can do things the old-fashioned way and just wet your hair to help you reset the shape and undo the damage of the hat or helmet. Get it back to at least a decent style. If things go according to plan, no one will be the wiser.

If things aren't going your (hair's) way, though, just go with it and console yourself with the fact that many of us spend hours trying to achieve a messy look.

But if you can, stick to your style and 'do. We spend all morning getting our hair to look its best. Don't let a helmet or a hat put all of that work to waste.