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Keep Moving Forward: How Not to Hate Your Ex-Girlfriend

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Breaking up with your girlfriend can be a nerve-wracking experience. Even if you saw it coming or made it happen yourself, the emotional impact would be there and you may or may not be ready for it. Moving on is difficult, as you'll wake up not doing the things you normally do, like sending or receiving sweet messages or thinking about what to do or wear for your date. What's worse is you might eventually feel that she's the worst person you've ever met.

If you don't want to be the guy who declares his hatred towards his ex, then you should take the path to recovery seriously. Here's how you can keep moving forward with a positive outlook in life:

Let It Go, Let It Go

According to psychologists, people tend to feel stronger hatred towards the person they love. They set expectations, so they feel betrayed when their loved one doesn't meet them. Acceptance is the key. It's true that feelings don't disappear overnight, but taking the first step to move on makes a difference.

Don't cling to the fact that you'll get back together, unless there's a realistic possibility. The longer you think about getting her back, the longer it will take you to forget everything about your relationship. You might end up hating your ex-girlfriend even more, knowing that she won't return your feelings for her anymore.

Can We Still Be Friends?

One of the biggest cliches you'll ever hear. Staying friends with your ex-girlfriend will work only if you have no feelings for her anymore, which is quite impossible after a break-up. Don't push yourself too hard, though. Refuse her offer if you think it's the best decision.

Even the slightest hint of jealousy and uncertainty can ruin the day, so you might as well just leave her alone. Hatred can build up the more you spend time with your ex-girlfriend after a break-up. For example, imagine how you'll feel if she suddenly hangs out with another dude or if she doesn't wear the necklace you bought for her birthday anymore.

Dude, That's Taboo

Remove taboo phrases such as "She used to like this..." or "We often come here..." from your dictionary because all these have the same bottom line - you broke up. Being in a relationship, you study everything she likes. From her favorite food to her TV shows, you find it important to please her every day. Now that you don't need to do or remember them, it's time to create new memories.

Remembering things from the past leaves a stain on any item, place, or event. You wouldn't want to bring them up every single time and continue the chain of hatred towards your ex, especially when you actually think you're ready to start a new relationship.

Hatred is a waste of time and energy. It also adds stress that can make you look and feel old. Don't go hating on your ex-girlfriend. Instead, find ways to move on and show her that you can live a better life without her.