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Keep 'Em Dry: Why It's Ok to Control Sweat

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Many of the hygienic advice for men include preventing armpit perspiration. Furthermore, they resort to potentially harmful methods to justify the authenticity of their articles. It's just not going to happen, as it is a natural process among humans.

Now that some truths about sweating are out of the way, back to solving the perspiration conundrum. Men wouldn't be stuck resolving a "problem" if it didn't cause them so much difficulties. Sweat stains are easy to deal with but what it signifies, there lies the dilemma.

When the Mind Squeezes the Glands

The sight of sweat is fantastic, but only to people working out. It provides them the satisfaction that their regimen is working the way it's meant to be. In non-exercise situations, however, sweat means other things.

It's all about psychology. Sweating signifies high levels of stress. It goes higher depending on the situation, from anxiety about an upcoming event to nervousness because of a presentation. While sweating is a normal reaction to pressurized situations, it still has some untoward effects to people. It chips away at a man's confidence and more importantly, alters the perception towards him.

If this seems deep-seated, that's because sweating is a skin-deep matter. Not just because of how it actually come to be, but also of its effect on someone's psyche. It's not uncommon for perspiration to cause fearfulness, low self-esteem and hyperactive stress reaction.

All About Prevention

There are a number of ways to stop a man from sweating.  They can minimize their movements, take a break, meditate and through antiperspirant products. Many a time when deodorants promoted freshness and dryness, exactly the things a man needs to feel cool. But, cutting to the source might be the best way to prevent excessive sweating. After all, perspiration is just the physical manifestation of whatever's going on underneath.

De-funk the junk - Many men would attest that their junk is their core, their main source of heat. It can get pretty swampy in there, so make sure to use an antiperspirant designed to work down there. It helps immensely in keeping guys cool.

Wardrobe add-ons - Don't be too critical of clothing innovations about using sweat-resistant fabric. Workout clothes are far from the basic textile and are now made of Dri-Fit, Climachill and other tough-on-sweat synthetic materials. To men with sweaty feet, wear socks. It sucks up sweat like it's no one's business.

Be Dry -It doesn't mean wipe sweat wherever it appears, but be dry after taking a bath. Let the towel do its job and absorb the moisture in the nether areas. In the armpits, especially, where dryness could mean max efficiency of antiperspirants.

Decrease Spicy Food Intake - The notorious Capsaicin, which makes peppers have a burning taste, have an odd effect on the human body. One, it tricks the body into thinking that it's experiencing trauma that increases stress-associated sweating. Two, it also triggers the nerve ending that respond to warm sensations such as a hot bath and hot weather.

Some of the less popular but delightful ways of de-stressing include binge eating, drinking alcohol or just chatting with friends. Furthermore, anything specific that works to certain people is fine. When there's one less thing to worry, and that happens to be excessive sweating, many men would be happier.