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Intelligence Wins Women Only If Men Play It Smart

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

It's no secret in the Manosphere that men and women have different vectors for attraction. The descendants of Adam are visual creatures; a recent study shows that men spend 43 minutes ogling and checking out up to 10 females every day. The daughters of Eve, on the other hand, also pay attention to looks, but they value certain things more than most of us do, such as money and power. But of all attractive traits of men, intelligence is probably one of our sharpest tools that we often ignore and leave inside the box.

Many intelligent men don't capitalize on what's inside their brains-falling victim to the belief that a sense of security and a classy appearance are what matter for the opposite sex. The truth is, status in life is usually just a non-negotiable husbandly trait; intelligence is an ace quality to attract women on the dating or courtship stage.


Say this is universally true, then why are some smart guys so bad with women? The only reason is they're not using their brains the right way. Exhibiting the meaty substance of your head could spell your own peril with the wrong moves. Even if you don't have a high IQ, you can still make women fall head over heels through "mental tsansing," as Ramon Bautista would say, with these few tips.

Be Interesting
Many smart people are tragically labeled as nerds or geeks, as they seem to be operating by the rules of  their own world. They may be into different fascinating stuff, but only a handful of people on the planet could appreciate their interests because they don't express these in an appealing manner. So what if you have a strong passion for myrmecology or if you are a hardcore stamp collector? What really matters is if you know how to share them in a fun way. Don't flaunt your not-so-ordinary hobbies; instead, surprise girls with your cool ideas when the perfect time comes.

Be Intellectually Curious
Be open-minded in discussing ideas with the opposite sex. Engaging women in interesting debates is a healthy way of stimulating attraction. This is a great opportunity to show off your clever thoughts without rendering opposing opinions incorrectly. Your lack of fascination with the world around you or with intellectual pursuits may reduce you to a bore, no matter how bright you are.

Be Good about Failing
Smart people are masters of logic and are typically used to being right all the time. The downside of this life is that they don't know how to be gracious in defeat. Smart individuals tend to wobble in the face of situations when they're wrong. Acceptance of failure is a hard thing to do for a person who's always right. If you're a perfect example of this, the only cure is to accept the error of your ways.

Be Unreasonable
Psyching out their lives is the pastime of intelligent people who never get lucky with women. They use reason and creative imagination to paint horrible pictures and play negative scenarios in their minds to figure out what's wrong. This is a detrimental habit, as it creates depressing thoughts, which would eventually take the fight out of you.

Absurd as it may sound, but your only remedy for this vicious cycle is to stop thinking and get help from those who are adept at playing the game. Veering away from asking people for advice just because you think they would never get close to your Sudoku level is arrogance. You may know rocket science, but your unsolvable problem indicates that you actually don't know everything.

Intelligence is a powerful instrument for attraction. Use your brain right and share your knowledge with women with a touch of romance and humility.