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Impressing Your Lady Boss Without Being Thought of as a Flirt

by Money Team
10 Aug 2017 | 11:07 AM

Impressing your lady boss should boil down to two things: hard work and professional relationship. When it comes to the latter, your actions should be purely based on your career goals; give others no reason to think that you are flirting. 

For some men, working with a female boss can be challenging. This may be brought about by the differences in the way each sex approaches business and upholds work ethics. As a man, the amount of pressure may double if you're directly working with highly successful female bosses.

When it comes to leadership, women usually tend to be nurturing and men authoritative. Some female bosses are more into giving rewards while some male bosses overly critical at times. The key is to remember that every boss has their own management style, whether they are male or female. However, there's no denying that dynamics between a man and woman can easily be misinterpreted by other people. How do we then make sure we don't send the wrong message across?

Support Her

The first thing you need to understand is how your boss's mind work. Understand how she values her position, especially if the industry you're working in is mostly dominated by men.

With this, it pays to sympathize with her difficulties in the workplace. Let's face it; women are still discriminated in the workplace, and they receive sexist remarks every now and then. Nonetheless, don't express your support in an obvious and personal way. Otherwise, you're sending signals to others that may be misinterpreted. Worse, your boss may have the impression that you're thinking of her as a weak leader.

As much as possible, refrain from being "physical" when complimenting your boss. Restrain yourself from patting her back often. More importantly, do not touch her hands or waist; even if your intentions are pure and clean, these actions may be interpreted for something else. During casual moments, keep jokes appropriate.

Don't Get too Close

Keep this mantra in mind: you're at work for work. Forming personal relationships should come as a secondary goal. The same rule applies to your relationship with your boss. If your intentions of getting close to your boss are only for professional purposes, don't send her gifts and things that may convey the wrong messages. Leave it outside work.

Show Reliability through Your Personality and Output

And like all bosses, you can't impress them if you're constantly making promises without actions. Let your successes speak for you. Start with your attendance. Even if you lack some professional skills, your unfaltering presence will prove your boss that she can always count on you.

Improve your wardrobe. You may be respected because of what you do, but that won't appear obvious if you don't look respectable enough.

When your boss gives you an assignment, don't turn it down, especially if your current workload still permits it. Commit to your work even if you will have to sign the overtime sheet. Show your boss that you know how to prioritize tasks and balance things out.

Be proactive and take the initiative to improve your skill set. If you need to be part of seminars, do so. This is not only for your boss or for your company; it's also for your own professional growth. Finally, always own up to your mistakes.

Working with a female boss should be similar to working with a male boss in that we push biases aside. Treat your boss with utmost respect and be professional always.