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How To Get Rid Of Sweaty Underarms and Up Your Attraction Factor

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Ever had one of those nights when you walk into a bar and spot a girl over at the corner, get a good look at her, and automatically think that she just walked right out of your dreams? You come closer and introduce yourself, only to see her cringe and smile awkwardly; a few moments later, she disappears into the crowd. As you stand there wondering what just happened, you casually get a whiff of yourself and realize what went wrong.

Yes, we're talking about our underarms. Face it; it may be what's killing our love life. But fret not. We'll explain the science behind sweat, and share with you our secret of how to attract others with your underarms.


The Science of Sweat and Scent

We've read all those reports about the natural male scent being attractive to women. But before you start flailing your underarms at every girl you meet, let's understand the science behind this first. Fresh male sweat produces a pheromone called Androstenol, which is actually attractive to females. Androstenone (note the difference in spelling), however, is the pheromone produced when the sweat turns stale through exposure to oxygen. This, needless to say, turns the women off.

So unless you are naked and constantly allowing your sweat to flow off your body, or you are taking a shower every few minutes, expect the "scent" coming from you to be Androstenone i.e. rotten, sweat-laden, all-male body odor. This is what will kill your love life. Making Your Underarms Attractive

Well, technically your underarms can never be that attractive. They are, after all, locked away from sight, full of bacteria, and for some of us, just downright hairy and scary. Nevertheless, we'll do our best to help you make your underarms something to be proud of.  All you really need is proper grooming.

1. Take A Bath

Fighting bacteria starts when you take a bath. The bacteria are naturally present on the skin, so the best way to reduce the stench is to reduce the bacteria. Use an anti-bacterial soap in place of your usual, and get right into your underarms and other parts of your body with a bit more hair.

2. Apply Deodorant

Use deodorants, not antiperspirants. As the name suggests, antiperspirants just reduces the amount you sweat, which isn't really good since you still need to sweat to naturally cool yourself down. Deodorants will keep you smelling nice there and have special ingredients that are designed to control bacterial growth.3. Trim That Bush

Trimming armpit hair may not be for everyone, but it can drastically reduce the underarm sweat and stink in the long run. Remember that bacteria love damp places, and that hair under your arms is like a rainforest for them. You don't necessarily have to shave it all off; just trim it.

3. Hydrate

Water is your best friend. Drink more to reduce the amount of salt in your sweat. In the same light, try to take an extra bath or shower every day so that you can wash away more bacteria from your skin.

4. Have The Right Fashion Sense

Choose the right clothes. If you have a sweating problem, it's better to wear loose-fitting clothing to reduce the likelihood of sweat. It also allows your skin to breathe better. If you're planning on hitting the bars, wear natural fabrics like cotton and linen. These two feel better and cooler to the touch and allow more air to pass through.

5. Build Some Biceps

We can't stress how important this step is. With big biceps, no girl is going to notice your underarm sweat anymore. She's gonna be fixated on those massive guns, and your underarm can take a backseat. Also, you'll look good when you raise your arm to apply deodorant as the action naturally flexes your bicep. There really is no harm to getting this step done well.

With these key steps in place, you're all set to make your underarm the most attractive part of your body. Seriously bro, they are not something to be ashamed of if you take good care of them.  Keep them fresh, neat and clean, and your underarms will actually contribute to attracting the ladies in no time. Well not really, a six-pack and great hair will probably help more. But hey, don't ever give the ladies a reason to avoid you, and a sweaty underarm is the ultimate turn-off.