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How To Energize Your Skin Amidst This Manila Heat

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

We're not fireflies or jellyfish, so our skin doesn't really glow. But, it can become energized enough to the point that it looks like it's reflecting light. Some guys look fresh, recharged and confident every morning when they step into the office. How do they do that? Is clear and energized skin reaally possible with the conditions we have now?

The short answer is yes, but getting there with everything we have to put up with every day can be a challenge. First, we need to be aware of the things that can give us a hard time. Skin loses its healthy flush when it gets tired, and there are three culprits that persistently assault us every time we head out of the house: Heat, pollution, and stress.

We already know how each of these factors can make us look ten years older. So let's not waste any more time and get to the solutions. Two simple steps really, just take care of what's inside and outside your body.


Take Care of the Inside: Light Exercises

Diet and exercise always seem like the answer to everything, which would be great if they weren't so damn hard to stick to. Fortunately, we don't need any routines or regimens to reap the benefits of clear skin and relieve stress. Our bodies only need good blood circulation to give our skin the healthy glow we're looking for.

Some light jogging - just enough to give you a sweat - should be enough to get the hemoglobin flowing. Eating the right stuff should make achieving this a lot easier, since there won't be much grease and fat clogging up the veins. The usual staple of fruits and vegetables should always be present. But, also ensure that you've got some protein in there to spread throughout the day.

(If sweating it out in the gym isn't your thing, give yoga a shot).

Take Care of the Outside: Use A Facial Wash

Diet and Exercise take care of the inside of our bodies, but taking care of the outside requires a good Facial Wash. There are many Facial Washes designed specifically for men, and these are readily available in all supermarkets and department stores.

Some Facial Washes even claim to give you energized skin! What these products are really doing is to cleanse and protect your face and skin.

Facial Washes cleanse our skin by scrubbing and removing dirt, impurities and excess oil that accumulate deep inside our pores as we spend our day out in the dirt and grime of the streets of the Philippines. Regularly cleansing our faces helps restore the glow on our faces, making your skin look more recharged and energized after just a few days of use.

Our skin needs a weapon to remove unwanted elements, but it also needs a dam so that everything we need stays exactly where it needs to be. Facial Washes also help to lock moisture in so that our skin stays healthy and moisturized, rather than dry out and creating that haggard look we see on all our bosses.

Our tip: Purchase a Facial Wash that gives you the benefit you are looking for, whether it be acne removal or energized skin. Then, use it twice a day for maximum effect (morning and night). Don't overcleanse or risk damaging and irritating your skin with all the constant scrubbing!

It is possible to get healthy glowing skin even by today's conditions. All we have to do is change on both the outside and the inside. If you're tired of looking like you just walked off the set of Game of Thrones as a White walker, then this probably is just the thing for you.