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Height isn't Always Might: Why Short Men Rock

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Come December 12, Tolkien fans will storm the cinemas for the last instalment of The Hobbit trilogy. At long last, Bilbo's journey is about to end. But let's not talk about how epic this film is or what stunning CGI battle scenes we can expect. Instead, let's talk about one theme that recurs in the series: the presence of short guys.

Contrary to what we usually see in Hollywood films, Tolkien's work focused on how the journey of vertically-challenged hobbits changed the whole of Middle-earth. In other words, The Hobbit is the perfect example to justify that "height is might" isn't quite right.

True enough, whoever said that a guy has to be tall to be cool cannot be more wrong. Frodo and Bilbo proved that in Tolkien's masterpieces. And even outside fiction, short men hold up on their own. They often make up for what they lack in height in many other aspects.

The Appeal

Who said short guys can't look good? Some of the world's most handsome men aren't that tall. Let's not go too far from the LotR realm and take a look at Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood. Another solid example for this is Tom Cruise, who did make Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman say "yes".

And let's not forget that Peeta Mellark and Harry Potter - or rather, Josh Hutcherson and Daniel Radcliffe - aren't tall either, but we all know how girls swoon at the sight of their smiles.

Here's the deal: height isn't the deciding factor of a man's appeal. Even if you are below the average height, you can be just as charming as these guys.

The Smarts

The most iconic short man in history is also one of the smartest. Yes, this guy is no other than Napoleon Bonaparte, the most popular figure of the French Revolution. Sure, this guy lacked a few inches in height, but he was damn smart. He didn't lose elsewhere other than the Waterloo, after all. So, if we'll talk about smarts, the short guys can definitely stand out in that department.

Humor is also part of a person's smarts, and that's something a lot of short guys have. Danny DeVito (we love his work!), for one, is always capable of pulling off antics that make everyone chuckle. Robert Downey Jr. may be tall for us Filipinos, but he's fairly short in Western standards - we all know how humorous the Iron Man can be. Jack Black and Jonah Hill are great examples, too.

A man's intellect - be it through humor, academic genius, or street smarts - build a great personality. And once you develop that killer personality, competing with the tall guys in terms of attractiveness becomes easy-peasy.

The Talent

Short guy's ooze with talent, too - and of course, talent plays a role in making a person more charming.

There are many cases in point for this - Billy Joel, U2's Bono, AC/DC's Angus Young, and Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea are just four of them. Bruno Mars is also fairly short, and even though he's still a little far from being a billionaire, he's on his way there. Locally, we have Janno Gibbs and Ogie Alcasid to be proud of who, up until now, remain solid institutions in the industry.

And oh, let's not even dwell too much on the icon of Pinoy Pride, Manny Pacquiao. We all know how the Fighting Congressman (and singer, TV host, pastor, "playing coach", and so on) knocked out a lot of boxers taller than him. He did stop Ricky Hatton on the 2nd round and Oscar Dela Hoya on the 8th round, for crying out loud.

Height isn't what makes a man. It's how you actually present yourself as a whole - appeal, smarts, and talent included. With these qualities, falling a few inches below the average height isn't a hindrance to be an awesome guy.

Short men rock, indeed.