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Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

With the New Year just a few months away and the amihan season kicking into high gear soon enough, it's worth taking a quick look at the practicality and trendiness of your current hairstyle.

We recently took a look back into the best hairstyles for men in 2014, and from that, we can definitely say a lot of guys are giving more attention to their hair-and that's a good thing. We're expanding on that discussion by talking about the perfect hairstyles for your face shape. Sure, there are the timeless looks, but since we can't overlook the trends, we're focusing on the more popular cuts from the past 12 months or so.

Truth is, not everyone can pull off the James Dean (slicked back long hair), but that doesn't mean your hair can't stand out. Pair it right with your face shape and you'll get a look that oozes confidence and pogi points.

1.A Little Square

The Face: This face shape features a strong jawline that's about the same width as your cheekbones. The face is also roughly as tall as it is wide.

The Cut: Skip the buzz cut unless you're going for a classic look. If you have a square jaw, go for a cut that keeps more hair on the sides and back. This draws attention away from the jawline, keeping it from being so pronounced.

2. A Little Round

The Face: This shape features cheekbones that are barely there, which curves into a soft jawline. The face is usually almost as wide as it is tall.

The Cut: Unless you want to look like a long-haired Jack Black, try to incorporate angles to give your round face some shape and edge. Square styles are best for this, as it will offset the roundness, height, and/or volume.

Keep the sides shorter than the top. At the barber shop, you can get the look by using clippers that taper from a grade one (uno) at the bottom, to a three (tres) at the temple. Keep it longer on top to elongate the shape.

Try a side or an off-center part to emphasize the squareness.

3.A Little Hearty

The Face: A face that features a narrow chin, a sharp, defined jawline, and wide cheekbones that taper into the forehead.

The Cut: This is one of the most versatile face shapes, as you can get away with almost anything. Be it short or long, it's the best face shape to play around with when it comes to hairstyles.

The only style you want to avoid is adding width above the ears. Keep that in mind and you can practically choose any hairstyle you want. Trim the sides, keep the top long, and style it into spikes or a slick back to highlight your face shape. Or style the top forward to soften the hairline.

4.A Little Oblong

The Face: Simply put, a face that is chiseled and rather elongated.

The Cut: Think length. If your face and jawline are wide, don't cut the hair close on the back and the sides, as this concaves your head shape.

Go for styles that have the same length on top and the sides to offset the length of your face. Short and medium lengths work best with this shape.

Alternatively, you can ask the barber to cut on the sides the same width/height of their fingers to leave the hair touching the ear. Keep the top longer to add texture and to shift attention away from the jaw.

5.A Little Oval

The Face: Wide cheekbones and a soft jaw with longer side than a round-faced bro. Essentially, you look like an egg when bald.

The Cut: Avoid going too tight all over or you'll be softening an already barely-existent jawline (and end up looking like Humpty Dumpty).

You can still go short at the back and sides; just leave a touch more length on top. Alternatively, using a hair clipper, go for a dos on the sides and tres above to give your face a square look without making your face even longer.

We can't change our face shapes, so it's best to focus on the things that we can, like our hairstyles. With the right clothes, a great haircut, and a clear, clean face, you'll be more noticeable than anything else. And when in doubt, you can always ask your trusted barber to work his magic on you.