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The GWAPO Guide: Making Your Crush Fall for Your Quirks

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM
A sapiosexual, as the internet defines it, is "one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature." Given this globally trending preference, isn't it about time for you to come clean about getting kicks out of reading volumes of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica during your spare time?

Substance over style-this is what being an oddball, or at least having the traits of one, is about, but making your crush fall for your quirks can be trickier than you think. Men can carry a slew of interests, and these reflect our personalities, especially in the little things we do. That said, here's a three-point list of what you can practice in getting your crush to fall for your quirks:

Time and again, this cannot be reiterated enough. If you're a dork, you're a dork. Be honest to yourself and don't try so hard to act cool in front of your crush. With accessible information, personal experience, and the omnipresence of popular culture, the women of today's generation are more than aware of the inner workings of the male mind. Being "cool" is a social construct anyway-what are you, still in high school?

If you've been talking to your crush for a while now, or are friends on social media, she can probably read your intentions. It's telepathic, really. And if they like you, or are kind enough to spare you the embarrassment, they will choose to play along to your projections of coolness. Wouldn't it be better if you choose to be yourself and flip the pages of your life gradually for her to appreciate your story?

To save you the hassle of trying to read them as they're reading you, be transparent when you're with her. Stay true to your quirks, but of course, make sure to be on track with your social graces and manners. If you're naturally brash, arrogant, or just plain slobbish, then now's the time to man up and be a gentleman. A few basic examples? Learn how to listen to a person and let them finish talking before you speak your mind, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, respect people the same way, from the janitor to the CEO, and don't cut your nails wherever you please.

For your crush to fall for your idiosyncrasies, she has to understand why they make you stand out from the sea of men vying for her undivided attention. In applying an unpretentious approach, talk to her and tell her why and how the nerdiest jokes are the funniest to you, how your bookshelf is organized according to genre, or why you like your rice swimming in soy sauce. It is important that you establish a parallel wavelength between you and your crush-this is the "spark" you are both looking for.

This can manifest in the back and forth exchange of texts-when both of you get each other's weirdness without judgment. How can you do this without sounding so defensive? Let it happen; say that joke and whether she laughs or she doesn't, ride with it, apologize for being corny, and learn how to laugh at yourself.

You know why most women say they appreciate a man with a sense of humor? It's because there is a direct correlation between humor, intelligence, and attraction. Allow your quirky side to naturally surface. Your crush will either learn how to appreciate your punny one-liners, or in opening up and discussing your weird habits, she'll remember something distinct about you. You can choose to be one of either three things: memorable, regrettable, or forgettable.

While some men would say "gwapo" equates to being rich and conventionally handsome, ask a woman who isn't shallow and superficial and you'll realize how they fall for the oddballs, too. Trust us, there are a lot of them out there.

As long as you aren't offending anyone, the gwapo kind of quirky is confident in his own skin, unapologetic about his personality and behavior. Show your crush how the quirks you have are innate or have been a part of you for the longest time-that they aren't put-ons. Be confident in presenting your quirks, but also be receptive and understanding in witnessing hers.

Of course, showing off your quirkiness is always best if you have the face to show for it. Keep your face clear and oil free by maintaining a care regimen using an effective facial wash and other supplementary products. Being presentable always adds to you charm, bro.

From Learning Who You Are to Learning Who She Is
If your crush knows you well, she'll be sure to appreciate how you can't help but fix the wayward strand of hair on her face because you obsessively find beauty in symmetry. She will note that your hands will always smell like a specific brand of rubbing alcohol because you're a germophobe, but you couldn't care less how she's sweaty after a workout or covered in mud after an exhausting hike. You shouldn't be at all ashamed of vanity or the use of skincare products, because you like taking care of yourself-among other things, it's something both you and your crush could talk about at length.

Being confident in front of your crush, baring your quirks and talking to her with no pretensions, as well as understanding her own version of weirdness, can get you far enough into the romance phase if you can carry it out in a clean enough manner. Always remember that the combination of your quirks is what makes you a unique individual. 'Yan talaga ang sikreto ng mga gwapo.