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Getting Over Greasy Hair Mornings for Good

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

We've all had that one morning when we get up, have a look at our mug, and see our hair a tangled mess of a jungle. Worse is that it's greasy - so greasy that it almost seems like we forgot to wash off the pomade we put on our hair yesterday. Greasy hair mornings are a terrible way to start the day, but it doesn't have to be a daily scenario.

Before we get rid of the grease in our hair, it's important to know what's actually causing it. It actually has more to do with our scalp than our locks.

Scalp, Grease, and the Environment

The grease or oil in our hair isn't actually unnatural. The scalp naturally produces oils that moisturize our hair. It keeps it glossy and healthy, and prevents it from becoming dry and itchy. However, too much of a good thing isn't exactly good all the time.

The sebaceous glands in our scalp, when it feels like the hair is drying faster than it gets moisturized, start producing more sebum or oil. This gets worse during hotter months, and since we're still experiencing unusually hot weather, our scalp is still working overtime to keep itself from drying out.

The weather is the main cause of overactive sebaceous glands on our scalp, but our hair itself may be to blame. Guys with thicker hair experience greasiness more often since their scalp has more sweat glands than those with thinner hair. This, coupled with the weather, means greasy mornings are more likely to happen.

All Those Hair Products

Apart from general hair and scalp care, there are also a few hair products which contribute to the grease. There are several oil-based shampoos and conditioners out there, which will obviously contribute to your greasy situation. But the biggest culprits are your hairstyling products.

Gel, wax, and anything we use to style our hair are things we want to avoid. They technically dry the hair in their own way, and that means our scalp will produce more oil. Additionally, it's prone to drying out easily, which in turn causes itchiness. There's nothing worse than an itchy scalp and greasy hair.

Getting the Grease Out of Our Hair

Getting the grease out of hair is actually quite simple now that we know what's actually causing it, and it's mostly about the scalp and how moisturized it is. The best way to keep our scalp's sweat glands from pumping more oil is to moisturize - on the surface and from within.

It goes without saying that the higher the temperatures get, the more we need to keep our hair and scalp moisturized. To prevent our scalp from overreacting from the heat, we need to make sure it's properly moisturized before we step out.

Simply washing our hair and taking a bath isn't enough, though, that's why it's recommended that we use moisturizing shampoo. Make sure to pick out the ones with lots of nutrients in it as it helps keep the moisture in the scalp and hair. Avoid oil-based shampoos as it will only cause more grease to accumulate on our hair.

Moisturizing from within is pretty simple. Just drink more than the recommended daily amount of water every day, especially when the heat really hits the high temperatures. The body isn't the only thing we're hydrating, after all.

A Man's Mane is His Crowning Glory

We often underestimate the importance of having good hair. It's not just about the hairstyle, but the health state of your mane as well. You really do not want your girl to run her hand through your hair, only for her hand to come out dirty, oily and her face full of disgust. A good head of hair is not only attractive to women, but tells them that you're a man that knows how to take care of himself.

Greasy hair mornings will be a thing of the past if we know what to put and what to avoid putting on our head. So long as we properly take care and moisturize our scalp, we'll never wake up looking like a rock star at the 30-minute mark in a concert (unless that's what we want).