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Gadgets to Watch Out for in 2014

by Tech Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Mobile phones and other gadgets have gone a long way. This year, we've seen many smartphones with different features. Most promise to keep up with your busy lifestyle, while others come with security features, such a fingerID.

It has been a good year for mobile phones and tablets. We can't say the same for 2014, however, as many expect smartwatches to take over the market. 

Here's a forecast of what's to come in 2014:


The demand for a gadget that can fully keep up with people working on the go led to the development of smartwatches. We've seen a few products released this year, particularly Sony SmartWatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear. For 2014, we're looking forward to more people using smartwatches, especially as Samsung is set to launch its second version of their Galaxy Gear.


Rumor has it that Samsung is ready to unveil Galaxy Gear 2 on January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has a 4GB- internal memory and a built-in GPS. Unlike its predecessor, Gear 2 comes with music and running apps.

Other companies set to follow the trend are Sony, Nike, and Apple. Sony, like Samsung, is ready to launch a cooler version of their SmartWatch. Insiders say Nike is gearing up to release its own product on the first half of 2014 while Apple plans to sell two versions of their iWatches next year. Whether these rumors will pan out or not, we'll just have to wait and see. 

Space Glasses

The Google Glass hasn't even reached our shores yet and it already has a competitor. Developers of the Meta SpaceGlasses claim it has the most advanced interface in the world. With its personal holographic interface, you'll enjoy real time 3D scanning with 3D display output. You can play different games with the glasses, as it comes with a MineCraft simulator. You can also play Chess and Laser Tag with these space glasses. It also comes with Voxel Editor and 3D Sculpt+Print Tool.

The hardware also won't disappoint tech geeks. This Augmented Reality 3D glasses come with a 720p RGB camera via USB, a twin 960x540 see-through TFT LCD display and a 320x240 Infra-Red Depth Camera and. The display offers a 23-degree field of view. Connection is via HDMI. The Meta SpaceGlasses also has a 9-degree of freedom sensor: 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis compass through USB.      

You don't need to be a millionaire to live like Tony Stark. With these space glasses in your bag, you can be him in a flash.

Game Consoles

Many gamers will be glued to their seats for the most part of 2014. Game console giants, Microsoft and Sony, continue to battle it out for the best product on the market. When you haven't decided which side you're on, 2014 is the best time to pick sides. You simply can't be in the middle of this awesome fight - especially when Microsoft attracts most gamers by making Halo 5 exclusive for Xbox One.

The coming year promises to bring awesome toys for gamers, tech geeks, and gadget lovers. Whether you want to be James Bond, Tony Stark, or Master Chief, there's a new gadget waiting for you next year.