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Friend Zone: The Silver Lining of Rejection

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Rejection is never a pleasant thing. Nothing is more heart-shattering than knowing the apple of your eye has no interest in you apart from keeping you as a friend. This ugly truth gave "friend zone" the infamous reputation as a no-man's land in the world of dating-like a hostile territory where soldiers of love die of sheer depression.

It may appear to be a nasty environment, but the friend zone isn't necessarily a barren field that won't bear sweet fruit for anyone. Maybe it's the best place to be at in your situation; it's all about perspective.


Finding yourself in the friend zone is actually the silvering lining of getting rejected. Cutting ties with the girl who turned you down is a behavior reserved only for inexperienced and immature players of the game. If you want to really succeed in dating, you must see the underlying advantages of sharing friendship with the woman you fancy and reap its real benefits.

Right to Stay in Her Life
The friend zone is way better than any other area outside of her life. Being a friend gives you the privilege of enjoying her company and help improve your level of comfort with women. The phantom of rejection is a hurdle that may keep you from being confident and comfortable around the opposite sex. Now that you got that out of the way, at least you no longer need to worry about putting your best foot forward to please her. Spending some time with her as a friend can help you learn about the workings of the female brain, thus help you polish your game.

A girl friend is a great source of instant and relevant dating and relationship advice as well. As no other species knows a woman better than another woman, she can offer terrific solutions to some of your love problems, when it seems a little embarrassing if you ask your guy friends. A female advice is a card you'd rather have in your back pocket, especially in times when you need it.

Liberty to Meet More Women
As you're currently not tied to anyone, nothing should be holding you back to dive and discover different fishes in the sea. Just because she only wants you to be her friend doesn't mean every girl in the world doesn't see you as boyfriend material. Be outgoing enough to make the most of this golden opportunity to get acquainted with as many ladies as you can and expand your pool of dating prospects. The girl who sent you down the friend zone might even help you find someone new in her circles. The more number of times you enter this zone, the more chances you get to meet all kinds of women, thus speed up the process of finding the right one for you.

Her Possibility of Changing Hearts
Somewhere in the friend zone, there's a bridge leading to her heart. Her decision to send you camping in this region may not be final. She may like you in some way, but not that much to think of you more than a friend. Some women don't entertain such romantic thoughts because they're not yet ready to be in a commitment. Others are just not willing to risk your friendship for something greater that may drift the two of you apart for good in case it doesn't work out.

Sometimes, things can get really complicated, but the important thing is there's a glimmer of hope left for you to hang on to. That lingering possibility is what convinces most men to stay patiently in the friend zone. This, however, involves the danger of completely breaking your heart. Waiting without her confirmation that you have a chance may only cause you to invest emotionally. That's the nature of the gamble you're about to enter. Analyze your situation carefully before placing your bet at your own risk.

Everyone hopes not to land in the friend zone after declaring their romantic feelings. But if you find yourself in this place, don't despair for it's not the end of the world. Come to think of it, many lovers started as friends, and all happy couples have remained as friends. Learn how to live under the atmosphere and gravity of the friend zone, and watch yourself become someone's boyfriend.