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Freak Chronicles: There's a Fine Line between Admiring and Stalking

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Going through her Facebook profile, Google-Earthing her house, and feeling insanely jealous when she talks to another guy. Giving her food she doesn't really eat or giving her a bunch of stuff she doesn't really use.

Perhaps you constantly receive an awkward "no" (sometimes awkward silence) when you say, "Libre na kita," or "Tara, labas tayo!" You don't receive a single SMS reply, or perhaps she seen-zones you on Facebook chats.

Any of these things ring a bell? If so, congratulations-you're probably a stalker.


We get it. You can't keep yourself from liking that special girl. You simply want to show her how you feel, but hey-there's a fine line between an overzealous admirer-pursuer and a stalker.

"Browsing" Through Her Social Profiles
It's a given that when you like a girl, you instinctively browse through her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. Yes, searching for shared interests through these goldmines of information is completely normal.

Consider it way beyond the line if you have read the last three months of her Facebook and Twitter posts. It's off if you also look though her Instagram account-saving her "wallpaper-worthy" photos and glaring at pictures of her boyfriend. (Oops!)

Okay, a word to the wise: you may find yourself blurting out things you learned during your little "research". The info may be out there for everyone to see, but the fact that you know that off top is alarming and will instantly out you as the stalker that you are.

"Overhearing" Conversations About Her
If you don't have the balls to talk to her directly, you might have settled for the friends closest to her. You talk to the people who happen to know her more than you do, and you "implicitly" try to fish for information.

If you're an admirer, you try to be friends and talk to her upfront about her interests. You share your part, too, instead of just sniffing for information like a creep.

Text Messaging or Chatting "Every Now and Then"
You make sure you get her phone number the first few weeks you met her. You struggle a lot NOT to send her tons of text or Viber messages asking about her day and what she's doing-because you know she won't like you if she senses that you're a stalker.

If you receive replies, she's interested. If you're not receiving replies or you see the dreaded "seen" on Viber, she's obviously not interested. Don't "Good morning" or "Kumain ka na ba?" her every day if she already slapped that virtual "no" on your face.

Giving Her "The Things She Likes"
According to your little "research," you know the girl loves peppermint chocolate. You give her a big bar of her favorite brand, and all of a sudden, she spends most of the time ignoring you or running in the opposite direction when she sees you. Take a hint. Chances are, she's not just shy,-she's simply not interested, but doesn't know how to deal with it.

You're a good guy if you back off the first time she rejects your offer. You're a creepy stalker if you just don't stop giving her things you know she would only reject. That's not how normal people work. Collect your pride and give it up.

Sure, you can dismiss the fact that you're a stalker by simply saying you're just "admiring from a distance." Those two things are different.

If you find that you struggle so much to keep the attention of the girl you like, then maybe it's time to quit acting like Mr. Creepy and start behaving more like a better edition of her Mr. Right.