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Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

It's every man's fear - one day, we're going to wake up and see ourselves in the mirror with bald patches in our once glorious mane. For many, it's a sign of old age and an end to our days of wooing the ladies.

This isn't irreversible, though, and there's actually a way we can keep our hair from falling off too early. Beyond countless products and fighting genetics, there are foods we can eat that will help strengthen our follicles and scalp, and thus help keep hair on top of our heads.


Iron - Leafy Green Vegetables

Iron deficiency is actually one of the leading causes of hair fall, meaning that if we tend to shed an unusually large amount of hair, we may be lacking in some good old iron. It would be wise to incorporate leafy green vegetables in our diet; spinach is a great source of iron, and although we won't exactly be growing Popeye's muscles, its iron content can strengthen our hair and promote growth. What sets it apart from other vegetables is that it has sebum, which is an important as it acts as a natural conditioner for our hair.

Vitamins A, B, C - Carrots, Meat, Fruits

Rich in Vitamin A, carrots are another vegetable that can promote the growth of our hair and strengthen it. Vitamin A is crucial to the growth and continuing health of cells and tissues on our body. It has the added bonus of promoting hair growth and regeneration, as well as maintaining the general healthiness of our scalp.

For those not particularly fond of these two vegetables, there are other munchable things that can promote the growth and regeneration of hair. Fish, chicken, and citrus fruits are great sources of Vitamins A, B, and C, respectively, and they all do their part in making sure our hair cells are healthy.

Zinc - Poultry and Seafood

Finally, it's important that we try to include as much zinc in our diets as possible. Zinc is a mineral that promotes cell reproduction and repair, as well as tissue growth. Studies show that people who are deficient in Zinc are actually susceptible to both hair loss and dandruff. Zinc itself plays a big role in maintaining the oil secreting glands in our scalp, which is responsible for the general upkeep of our hair strands.

The best source of zinc comes from poultry and seafood. Chicken, mussels, and shrimp are good sources of zinc, as well as eggs and milk. Whole-grain products are also rich in zinc, but our body tends to absorb nutrients from meat better, so it's advisable to add more poultry and seafood in our diet for our daily zinc needs.

Combining A Proper Diet With Hair Products

Whether our hair is falling out due to stress or just genetics, it should scare us since we can do something about it. Apart from taking good care of our manly manes, we should also watch what we eat and incorporate more foodstuffs that promote the health and regeneration of our hair.

Eating the right food is just part of a bigger strategy in combating hair loss. We shouldn't just watch what we eat and incorporate more foodstuffs that promote the health and regeneration of our hair; we should also make sure we take good care of our hair and scalp by choosing the right shampoo. Doing this will promote the growth of our hair and prevent hair loss for a long time to come.