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Flop Proposals: How Not to Screw This Special Moment

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Suddenly, it's the season of proposals. The whole Philippines saw Dingdong Dantes got down on his knees live on national TV to ask his long-time girlfriend, Marian Rivera, to marry him.

Shortly after the highly-publicized DongYan proposal, Senator Chiz Escudero and A-list celebrity Heart Evangelista got engaged while on a vacation in Sorsogon with friends.

In May, Chito Miranda posted a YouTube video featuring his own version of a proposal disguised as a music video shoot for his now-fiancee Neri Naig.

Thanks to the romantic developments in the lives of these A-list celebrity couples, you're probably pressured now to pull off a crafty scheme to ask your partner's hand in marriage. Well, it's inevitable for the thought not to cross your mind if you've been with her for many years. If you really feel she's the one, then maybe listening to your intuition is the right thing to do. Getting that out of the way, the question is how you're going to do it.


Guys know that this is a big thing for the ladies, and so screwing it up is out of the question. Plus, it takes brass balls to pop the question that will make you a future husband of someone, or a complete idiot all alone with your shattered ego if she says no.

If you're strongly positive that she's ready to tie the knot, then the only problem that stands in your way to happiness is making a flop proposal. The impending consequences of a failed attempt can be ugly, so make sure she accepts your offer by taking note of the following:

The Ring
Obviously, you need a ring to pull this one off properly. Some girls have been dreaming of wearing that piece of jewelry since they were young, and proposing empty-handed would definitely make their fairy tale anticlimactic. Some girls may still say yes, but if you really want her to cherish the moment for the rest of her life, man up and make her cry by opening that small box as you ask her.

Diamond engagement rings are the standard, but you can go for less costly alternatives if your bank account doesn't allow it. Ask the jeweler for other options with a lovely stone. There's nothing wrong with practicality, and burning most of your savings for just the ring leaves you with less finances for your life together.

The Etiquette
Informing her family about your plans for marriage is customary. Simply put, it's a testament of your sincerity. Get the approval of her parents prior to the proposal. The last thing you need is to offend her family for not requesting for their go signal to marry your girlfriend.

The Element of Surprise
Marriage proposals are special and romantic because they're unexpected. That being said, uttering the million-dollar question on holidays, particularly Valentine's Day or Christmas Eve, is ill-advised. Chances are, lots of men are already doing that, causing women to anticipate you making your move on such occasions.

The best proposal is to surprise your girl when she's completely clueless. Carefully devise a creative plan and involve her friends and family; she'll love to share the moment with the people that matters to her. If you want to go to the extreme with a mind-blowing plot, make sure no one gets hurt and, please, don't hide the ring in weird places because it'll just ruin everything. Just keep it in your pocket.

The Right Intention
Most importantly, ask her to marry you because you want to live the rest of your life with her. Never say you'd just like to settle down, as the two of you are not getting any younger. That would be the worst speech you could ever say during her special moment. She wants to know, and hear, that you're asking to marry her for the right reasons.

Grand or simple, make your proposal a success by covering these basic requirements. Be the prince charming she's been waiting for all her life and put an unforgettable beginning to the new chapter of your love story.