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Feeling and Looking Great This Summer Even Without a Six-Pack

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

As the summer season rolls in, it brings with it the different discussions about "beach bodies" as applied to the carefully-sculpted shapes of hot models, both male and female. This makes summer one of the worst seasons for fat people, especially the guys. Or so you thought.

Contrary to popular belief, summer is for everyone, not just for those who have the "superbods" or the well-toned abs. Everybody has a beach body. It's the one you take to the beach, regardless if it's round or sculpted. Anyone who says otherwise is definitely full of it.

Of course, when you hit the beach, some anxiety is to be expected, especially when it comes to choosing the right swimwear. Wearing just your swimming trunks at the beach could often feel like being close to naked, especially if you're not the health buff type. Also, given the pressure not only to be a certain size, but to conform to a certain shape, it's understandable that anything related to swimwear, from shopping for it, trying it out, to finally wearing it, can be quite a work. But you don't have to be overwhelmed by it. Here are some tips to help you out:

Love Your Swimwear, Even if Nobody Else Does
Find a swimwear you actually like. If you're the trunks-only kind of guy, then go for swimming trunks or maybe even a Speedo that you’re comfortable with. But if you’re one of the shy types, don't be afraid or ashamed to wear a rash guard, a sando, shorts, a basketball jersey, or even a shirt. You're the one who’s wearing it, so there’s no reason to bother yourself with what others say. And besides, it's always better that you look good in a shirt-and-shorts combo rather than wearing only swimming trunks and having to cover up every time people look at you or pass by you.

Don't Let Others Dictate What You're Allowed to Wear
Rules regarding the "proper" beach attire are arbitrary and ridiculous. Again, the important thing about your beachwear is your comfort level, and not the approval of others. As long as you're not being a public nuisance or are threatening the safety of other beachgoers, then you're good to go with any attire you're comfortable with. As they say, "Nasa pagdadala yan."

Your Body is Fine. Seriously.
Don't stress yourself out about how to hide those layers of bilbil. Your body is fine. If you find yourself zooming in on the so-called "problem areas" of your body, know that you're probably the only one focusing on them. It's easy to point out the areas of the body that you don’t like. But the fact is, all bodies are different, and that's normal.

Don't Mind Those Stares
Some beach folks will be looking at you. But they're probably just wondering where you got your trunks, your shirt, or your sunglasses. They can also be just looking at you because you passed by them, which is normal for everyone. Nobody will be judging you as harsh as how you're judging yourself. If somebody IS judging you, their opinions are best swept under the rug, or in this case, buried under the sand.

Body-Policing is Never a Good Thing
You don't want others to be judging you, so don't go judging them—not for their choice of swimwear, or the shape and size of their bodies. This not only makes you kind of a jerk, it also makes you feel more self-conscious. When you hold others to ridiculously high standards of appearance, you also raise your own anxiety. Mind your own business.

Looking great for the beach doesn't always have to involve having a six-pack.  Follow these tips and change your attitude, and you're guaranteed to feel better about your beach body, whether it's a plus size or not.