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Facial Hair: The Thinking Man's Fashion Statement

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

While a clean-shaven face is appealing to some women, showing off a little facial hair can do wonders for your good looks. Hollywood celebrities such as Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling have proven that letting those facial hair follicles grow can make you a lot more attractive than you really are - not that those two guys need it.

With the appeal-increasing effect of perfectly styled facial hair, more guys are starting to include it in their fashion statement. Whatever your signature style is, following the perfect facial grooming regimen will keep you looking your best. Here are a few shaving tips and stylish techniques to get the best look for you.

The Five O'clock Shadow

The five o'clock shadow is a masculine and sexy style that can add definition to your face. This designer stubble adds a bad boy/rebel feel while lending a bit of mystery to your personality. If you want to exude a rugged, tough-guy image, this facial hairstyle is good for you. Think Jason Statham and Bruce Willis.

Get This Look. To achieve this look, keep your facial hair trimmed. By using a traditional or wet electric razor, outline the area to separate the stubble and clean-shaven area. For crisp lines and definition, make sure to trim in the opposite direction. In maintaining this look, make sure to sculpt daily and clean off random cheek hairs.

The Goatee

As one of the hottest facial hair trends, the goatee is the new style to try. It is an excellent way to cover a double chin or widen a narrow one. The modern goatee features a small patch of hair on the chin with a thin moustache and a dab of hair under the bottom of the lips. Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. makes this look great.

Get This Look. After growing out some facial hair, use an electric razor to clean your neck and the sides of your face. Leave on the hair around your chin and the mouth area. After that, shape the goatee and trim hair to its desired length. Instead of scissors, use an electric razor to make it symmetrical.

The Beard

Growing the right amount of beard can give you a strong personality. The challenge that comes with it, however, is attentive grooming that requires meticulous sculpting and regular trimming. Chris Hemsworth's facial hairstyle is worth imitating for a dashing and manlier look.

Get This Look. When you've grown a full and even beard, begin sculpting it by combing it in the direction it grows prior to trimming. Then, shave your neck and cheek to outline and contour the shape of your beard. Cut the beard to the desired length with an adjustable length trimmer. To maintain symmetry, trim the outer edges for smooth lines.

Shaving Essentials

Apart from a quality razor (drugstore models don't count), mustache scissors, and disposable blades, you need a quality shaving cream or gel for a smoother shave. Avoid products that contain alcohol as they can dry out or irritate your skin. Look for all-natural products or those that contain chamomile and aloe. An aftershave cream is also necessary to reduce redness and irritation.

Nothing can freshen up your look or add more drama to it like facial hair. By identifying the best style for your face, along with the right outfit that suits it, this can give you a more distinguished look. The right facial hair can make you stylish, dashing, intelligent-looking, and bold. This is the perfect time to grow some whiskers and style them the right way.