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Dressing Slimmer: Streamlined and Just Right

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Fashion experts have a lot to say. They dictate trends, and they decide which style should fall out of favor. This cycle results in the countless rules, some of which can be difficult to learn by heart. While there are zillions of canons on matching and mixing clothes, there's one rule you should never forget: dress your size.

Dressing your size may seem like a gray area. But in this context, we mean dressing slimmer. It is the middle ground between wearing baggy clothes and wearing pieces that squeeze your body. Here at Manifesto, we always remind you to choose pieces that flatter your physique and highlight its features.  In this primer, we will tackle this rule in-depth.


General Rules

Know thy built and size. That's the first rule. If you already know your size, get your fix from brands that know your size. Not all clothing brands use the same principles when it comes to sizing. For instance, a global brand's small may be medium at some local brands.

There may be an occasion when finding the right size is hard work. If you're faced with this dilemma, enlist the aid of a reliable tailor. They can turn your ill-fitting shirts and baggy trousers into flattering choices for a price that won't hurt your wallet.

Be specific with your instructions when dealing with a tailor, as some tailors work on repairs based on their judgment. You may listen to their suggestions, but at the end of the day it's your call if you want your pants to have a break or not.

For Round Guys

Sometimes, looking slimmer is a matter of optical illusion. In this regard, the right color combination will do the trick. The rule here is, neutrals, such as black and navy blue are timeless and versatile. They are sophisticated, and they can make your body look like it is in ideal proportion. If you're round, they will make your bod look fit.

Classic color palettes include Navy blue-cream, black-brown, and white-grey. If you want to make these combos a tad more interesting, use an accentuating detail, such as a pocket square or a cardigan. When it comes to prints and patterns, do away with shirts with horizontal lines, as they will make you look wider. Pinstripe pants make small and round men look taller and slimmer.

For Tall and Lanky Lads

For lanky lads, dressing "slimmer" is impossible and redundant. In this regard, we'll label dressing slim as "sizing up." If you're tall and thin and want to look appropriately slim, veer away from wearing clothes that are a size bigger than your build. Similarly, avoid clothes that make your "long" features longer. For instance, deep V-necks will make your neck look longer. Shirts with overly short sleeves will emphasize the length of your arms.

If you want to bulk up and highlight your silhouette, go for pieces that still suit your size and then use them for layering. For example, use a lightweight shirt as a base and then top it with a cardigan. You can use V-neck pullovers to layer a button-down Oxford or a white dress shirt. Harness the power of optical illusion by wearing shirts with horizontal stripes. They will make your shoulders look broad.

In our book, dressing slimmer is dressing your size. For guys with a round physique, wearing clothes that fit just right will make you look thinner and taller. If you are a tall and thin guy, it will help you look more athletic. If you really want to dress slimmer, as in literally, invest time in working out, and fix your posture. These will make a long-term difference.