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Dress Your Age: How to Avoid Looking Like a Geezer

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

People take different approaches to their closets and wardrobes. Some people like to plan their outfits ahead of time, while others prefer to throw on whatever they grab onto first. It doesn't matter how you dress yourself, just as long as the result makes people around you turn around and take notice.

Now, whether they're turning to admire or laugh is the concern. There are a hundred reasons an outfit can go wrong, and one of the most serious ones is looking older than your age.

The old soul look rarely works, and it most probably ends up being more of an aging hipster ensemble than anything else. Fashion looks forward, even when nostalgia trends hit, they only incorporate elements of the bygone era, not donning the whole decade. Here are a few clothes that can make you look like you used to party with Austin Powers.