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Don't Transform Into a Bar Jerk

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Stress from work is one of the worst feelings in the world, and there's nothing better to relieve all that bottled up aggression and negativity than a night on the town with our buddies. But, the bad vibes of the workweek can sometimes seep into the merrymaking and even overshadow the good times. Nobody wants to be the dude that ruined the night and there are ways of avoiding this problem.

Don't be THAT guy

The first thing we should remember to keep the party going is to never go out with the mindset that it's going to be a wild night. It would serve us to just chill out and let the party come to us.

All of us probably have at least one officemate, friend, friend of a friend, or just someone in the same bar who makes everybody feel awkward. We don't like a person who hogs the limelight too much too often. Everything needs to be about him, everyone should be laughing every second he's around, and we start to wonder who invited him-we don't want to be on the opposite side of this equation.


The whole point of going out is so that we get a chance to unwind and relax, but that's not going to happen if one of us is having too many drinks and generally making the situation less desirable. A good night out moves at its own pace, so let it.

Stop When You Can't Feel Your Face

The next item should be automatic - we have to know our limits. Assuming this isn't our first rodeo, there's no excuse for this kind of behavior, especially if we have to depend on our friends to take care of us. There's nothing more annoying for bar servers as well as other patrons than to have to contend with someone who's rip-roaring drunk.

It's a common stereotype we see in the movies: the guy who has to yell every word at a bar that's not even noisy. It may be OK for most people to ignore us or even humor us with a reply, but if we're that loud at a bar that's supposed to help others relax and have fun, we're destroying the mood. Calm down and don't drink too much.

Learn the Meaning of Subtlety

The night scene is one of the best places to meet new people, and many guys like us prefer to take advantage of some liquid courage before trying to talk to girls. The only downside to working up the nerve this way is that all manner of etiquette and subtlety can go straight out the window.

When we approach a girl with one drink too much, there's a chance that we can come on too strong. Sure there are plenty of women who prefer the direct approach, but asking for their number or a kiss right off the bat may rub some girls the wrong way. Just like us guys, they're just there for a good time.

The rules of the game stay the same regardless of the situation or the location. Establish mutual interest, break the ice, stay relaxed, maintain a close but respectful distance unless she wants to get more intimate. All this is done with small gestures and indirect signs.

A good night out isn't as hard as the movies want to make it look; we just have to keep everything under control, and relax. There aren't any rules for having a good time, so let everything unfold at their own pace and timing.