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Digital Love: Social Media as Your Dating Trump Card

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

A lot of things attract women. For some, six-pack abs and toned muscles are the perfect characteristics, while others would go with the rich and powerful, and there are also those who adore brain power over everything else.

This often leaves a stinging thought to those who see themselves as average, that they don't exactly have a shot with the girls. Or maybe not. Beyond every manly quality that a lady would like, what's more in focus is how you start - and more importantly, maintain - a good relationship with someone. This is where you could use social media as your trump card, as it's the perfect tool to nurture that bond between you and the girl of your dreams.


Social media connects you with people, and that's the most important element of it. With this, you can easily stay in touch with someone even though other offline circumstances would prevent you from doing so. Think of using social media in three phases.

Phase 1: Starting Out

It's always easier to start out a social connection with a girl you met in person - say, at a social gathering or elsewhere. Once you have some sort of introduction already, all you have to do is click that friend request button and hope she accepts it.

If ever she does, it's time to find out a bit more information about her so that you could start a conversation. Now, this doesn't mean stalking her until you're on the last pages of a Google search. The first thing you should understand is that social media can make you look creepy - and no, you don't want that.

A simple "hi" or "hello" can cut it and start a chat session, but that conversation can easily get old. Take a lesson from face-to-face conversations and start out from common ground, perhaps a movie you both like or a musician you both listen to.

Acquainting yourself with each other is the main priority in phase 1.

Phase 2: Maintaining Contact

In the first phase of your interaction, don't try to overextend conversations, as they'd most likely die after a few minutes (unless you two truly hit it off, then by all means, enjoy). Be patient and wait for another chance to start another chat session when this happens.

This part is tricky, but you have to trudge through. There's a fine line between being persistent and being annoying, and you'd want to fall under the former. With that said, don't bug her every day. Instead, find the right timing and pace to start conversations. At the same time, don't wait too long to start another chat session. You want her to remember your first session.

In phase 2, it's not a matter of how much time you consume typing in chatboxes, but it is definitely a matter of timing when to send that "hi" or "hello."

Phase 3: Veering from the Screen

This is perhaps the most important nugget here: your interaction shouldn't be limited to what transpires in whatever app or service you're using. Online interaction should always be part of your playbook, but you must know what to do when you're supposed to take things outside the bounds of technology.

Sooner or later, you'd take things offline. Well, you have to; otherwise, it's just plain pointless to maintain nothing but virtual contact. You have to be confident - be it at the keyboard or in front of her on your first meet-up. Phase 3 is all about manning up and taking things to the next level; that is, beyond the computer screen.

You may not have the highest IQ or the most dashing looks, but that doesn't mean you don't have a shot with the girls. Consider social media your friend in this department, and use it to your advantage. After all, it's still the way you establish and nurture relationships that matters more than what meets the eye.