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Clean, Simple Hairstyles for the Mature Man of 2016

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Quit wiping the beads of sweat crawling down the sides of your face and pocket that handkerchief, sir. Stay cool and keep your composure; save the fussing for the washroom when you get to your office. A man of your caliber and status demands distinction, yes?

Indeed, summer's already here in Manila-but don't let it cramp your style. Use the sweltering weather to your advantage and go get a neat haircut para presko tayo.

Leah Shields of Blind Barber in Los Angeles says, "Short hair is really where it is at in 2016." 

Splendid-the clean and simple look has finally caught on. Raise your wine glasses, gentlemen. The man bun is on its way out, and here we have the arrival of three short hairstyles the mature man should go for in 2016.

1.    The Textured Chop: For the "bagets" dad aka the "DILF"

You're the type of dad who finds the time to take care of himself with trips to the gym, charity fun runs, clubhouse tennis, and pick-up basketball games. Your younger on-court rivals aspire to be like you someday, while your daughter's barkada goes into a giggling fit as soon as you turn around. The Textured Chop's relaxed and unstructured style is a short, clean cut that can be styled for casual or office function.

The Cut: Ask your barber to use a pair of scissors to cut the sides to about the width of a finger. Leave two to three inches on top for textured styling. To achieve a casual look, use salt spray and paste to lift and add volume to thinner hair. Apply a liberal amount of holding gel and sweep it to the side using a comb to get a polished, formal style fit for your everyday office look.

2.    The Messy Caesar: For the eligible bachelor aka the "Ninong"

The "Ninong" is everyone's family favorite. The kids love him even when it isn't the holidays and they miss him terribly when he's travelling or working abroad. And you know why? It's because you're unrestricted and playful. Your responsibilities as an adult can't hinder you from living and enjoying life. This vibrance of yours goes well with the Messy Caesar; a classic cut that animates short hair while maintaining a sense of sophistication.

The Cut: A low-maintenance cut to sport, leave about an inch and a half of length up top, or depending on your preference, you can have it a bit longer. Instead of using clippers to trim the back and sides, ask your barber to use a pair of scissors. This results in a much fuller look rich with texture and less of a skin-fade. And with some styling wax spread in between your fingers, tousle your hair to achieve that charming, mussed up texture.

3.    The Close Buzz: For the boss man aka your balding tito nicknamed "Baby Ama"

A man among men, your presence emanates dominance and authority. You possess leadership qualities and in appearing more mature and stronger than your peers, your influence moves them to listen. It takes courage to rid one's self of hair, and to be confident without it says a lot about your mental toughness. The Close Buzz or a fully shaved head is better than having a toupee or denying you have a balding problem. Its precise measurements and sharp lines give you that clean and authoritative look.

The Cut: Clipper-shorn, the haircut isn't hard to maintain, save for frequent visits to your barber. A perfect buzz is a length shorter on the sides than on the top. Be wary of stray strands, sideburns, and wild hair over the ear and at the nape. Having a regular barber keeps the length of your cut in check.

Just because you're getting a little bit older doesn't mean you can no longer keep up with the times. Keep these haircut ideas in mind the next time you go to your barber, and remember, you're not like the other titos out there, you're a cool tito.