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Cheap and Easy Hacks to Transform Your Existing Wardrobe

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

It is easy for us men to fall into the abyss of wearing the same shirt day in and day out because we think that dressing to impress costs a fortune. We also believe that there is somebody out there, outside our mother, who will think that an oversized polo shirt is more than enough to woo a woman.

We must have one funny or amicable personality to impress a lady, even if we dress like a homeless person or someone decades older than us.

The sad truth is first impressions last; the way we dress will send non-verbal cues not just to women, but also to people around us at work or someone we just met. We present personality and confidence through the clothes we wear.


We do not have to spend lavishly on new clothes. There are affordable and easy ways to revamp our look.

Vintage IS the Way to Go

There is a growing trend to wearing vintage clothes as old sneakers, Air Jordans, faded jeans and other fashion remnants of decades past are making a comeback. Rummaging through our wardrobe and looking for some swanky looking vintage shirts or accessories to spruce up our casual and date look.

For us working men, our dad must have some of his old sport coats from back in the day. Instead of buying a new one, why not wear our old man's coat to work? It's not only vintage, you get to save a lot of money too.

An Accessory Goes a Long Way

Women have a keen eye for detail - which is why they manage with a simple outfit with the right accessories to make their look unique. Adapting this eye is our best bet to save money on upgrading your wardrobe.

The shoes we wear and the watch on our wrist attract a woman's keen eye for detail, especially on our first date. These little things matter to her and show our sense of style.

Here's a rundown of must-have shoes for our revamped wardrobe:

  1. Dress shoes; we can't go wrong with a pair of black or dark brown for any event, whether for a date, a wedding or for work. Florsheim is way too expensive, try the department store for a nice, affordable pair.
  2. Boat shoes; these throwback pairs look good in pants, slacks or jeans, and shorts. You don't need Sebago there are other brands and department stores that sell them at a cheaper price.
  3. White sneakers; these sneaks look sneaky good with almost any color and outfit, there's Adidas and Converse with our names on it.
  4. Running shoes; for the casual man who is practical yet fashionable as well.

When we extend our hand to shake a lady on our first date, she will see the watch on our wrist, if we decide to wear one. Rolex is a dirty old man's ploy or a spoiled rich kid's forte. There are affordable alternatives from Timex or Swatch, if you think other brands are too expensive.

Don't just wear any watch; those big watches will make us look skinny if we have a small wrist. Match it with your hand size to make it look just right. General rule of thumb for choosing the right size is if it is more than half the size of your hand above the wrist it is too big.

Just Because It's Cheap Doesn't Mean It's Not Stylish

Some people believe that the price tag of their clothes defines them and their style. Big brands touch the aspiration of people who feel that their clothes make the man, and spend millions of advertising money to make them buy.

Cheap clothes do not necessarily make you cheap and unstylish; the way you carry them makes the outfit and brings out your personality. If you look beyond the advertising and the brands, you can pull off plenty of front cover outfits. The white shirt or polo, the jeans, the sleek dark blue jacket and the shoes have affordable counterparts - as long as you know where to find them.

Here are some staples clothes that we must have in our arsenal:

  1. 1 suit and 2 ties; you can't go wrong with a suit and tie for dates and corporate events.
  2. At least 5 dress shirts; these will help you look good for dates and for meetings.
  3. At least 3 pairs of right fit jeans (1 dark, 1 light and 1 faded); light and dark colors work well with different colored dress, button-up, casual or polo shirts.
  4. 1 sports jacket; works with a t-shirt, turtleneck or collared shirt.
  5. At least 3 pairs of button up long or short-sleeved shirts.
  6. Solid-colored polo shirts; the not casual but not formal look that goes well with shorts and pants, and a nice pair of boat shoes.
  7. More than 10 basic tees in different colors mix in faded, dark and light colors to make it look like we're not wearing the same thing.

Now that we have the basics down pat, shopping for, or looking for these is the next step. Take advantage of sales and promotions to get new stuff into your wardrobe. There are a handful of good clothes always on sale after their initial release. We can rummage our uncles' or dad's wardrobe for clothes in good condition to add to our arsenal.

Repair and Restore

Loose buttons, holes and loose fit are all reparable wardrobe problems. You save more money if you know how to mend damaged clothes. If not, there is always a convenient altering or tailoring shop willing to do this for you.

Restore old shoes by shining, replacing shoelaces or soles to further reduce your costs when you give your wardrobe a facelift.

Giving your wardrobe a new look does not have to cost you an arm and a leg, or selling your soul for more money. There are inexpensive ways to present yourself better for dates, work or everyday routines.

Acquiring staple clothes for men such as; a right-sized watch, a nice suit, pairs of jeans, a handful of shirts, a pair of dress shoes and a slew of boat shoes or sneakers give us a sense of style without breaking the bank. Make first impressions last by dressing to impress for any occasion, but always remember, the clothes don't make the man, it's your personality and character that will win people over.