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Career Moves for Young Guys

by Money Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

After managing to survive through more than sixteen years of schooling, you manage to pry your diploma from the hands of the dean. This signifies that you are now a full-fledged adult and an official member of society. This is the stage you spent your entire life preparing for in school. Get ready to enjoy real world benefits such as taxes and even more taxes!

The Importance of the 20s
All the excitement may be too much for some people, though, and they want to take a break before finding their fortunes. This is a good strategy, but taking too long to recharge can get you left behind the pack. Graduates of this generation are under more pressure to find a job than any before them because of two reasons. Unemployment and economic woes that aren't disappearing despite reports the country is rising as an economy.

A man's 20s are more important than ever, as it's the only decade they can build their fortunes for when start their own family in their 30s. The first thing guys should do is to recognize the times, and how to make the best of the situation. Time goes by fast, and the dream job you were fantasizing about when you were sending in an application for college may not be as rosy now as it was back then.

Forget Your Dreams
There are students in college right now who want to work for national newspapers and magazines. The problem is, traditional press is threatened by technology. Becoming a writer/reporter was never a lucrative gig, and demand for the medium is quickly fading. Once technology makes it possible to bring news anywhere, anything that has a cover exists just for nostalgia.

Don't feel ashamed of jumping into the digital industry whenever possible. That's where the future is going, and getting a ground floor on this future skyscraper can lead to heights greater than your predecessors ever knew. You'll never accomplish anything chasing someone else's accomplishments; make your own goals and people will reward you for it.

Jump Ship
Don't be afraid to switch jobs when the offer is good enough. Previous generations built their fortunes by getting into a company and sticking with it until they retire. This is a stable strategy, but it's frustratingly slow. Rising up the ladder is actually harder from within an organization than it is for people coming from the outside. Leapfrog over your peers whenever possible, because once you officially achieve a certain status in your career, it can become leverage for future possibilities.

Talk to the Competition
If there's one thing people don't do in their careers, it's talking to other people in the industry outside the company. Professionals take their competition so seriously that they don't recognize when someone might be doing something better than them. This is absurd, as it can lead to a completely new set of possibilities, such as the one above.

Keeping abreast with the entire industry, and not just with what the company is doing, will give young professionals a full view of what's going on, and see where everyone - current company included - is headed. The best way to do this is to attend conventions and seminars relevant to the industry, make connections, and actually learn something to get better.