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Business as Usual: Top Business Ideas This Christmas Season

by Money Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

The Christmas season is in full swing. Everyone's preparing for the big night - the night when all the family members gather for the Noche Buena meal. Employees have probably received their 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses, and they're ready to spend part of it. This is one of the many good reasons to start a business.

Filipinos are known for their hard work; they always look for possible ways to earn additional income. If you're one of the many Pinoys who dream of having a small business, then you'll find these ideas helpful.

Food Cart Business

Setting up a food cart is one of the most popular small business ideas today. You can either franchise a famous food cart business or start your own. Franchising is a good idea, but the cost could be higher than what you can afford. Why not sell your own food products in a cart you and your partners designed? This will make your business unique and when it becomes popular, you can make your own name and start a franchise.


Everyone knows about "tiangge" and the night market. Those small stalls selling a wide variety of items at affordable prices are almost everywhere. Some local council organize Christmas bazaars to provide business opportunities to entrepreneurs. You can have a slot by coordinating with your city or town officials. You just have to submit all the requirements and secure a good amount of capital.

Fruit Stand

Filipinos are also popular for their colorful customs and traditions. Putting as many round-shaped fruits as possible on their dining tables is a good example. They believe this will bring luck as they welcome the New Year. Setting up a fruit stand in a heavy-traffic location is a great business opportunity this season. Apples, oranges, strawberries, mangoes, and the famous "kastanyas" are among many Pinoys' favorites.

Gift Shop

Most people you know might have started buying gifts for their parents, siblings, relatives, and "inaanaks" (godchildren). If you want to earn a good income during the Christmas rush, then start your gift shop business right away. You can sell decorative items, stuffed toys, beauty products, charms, or anything you think will put smiles on people's faces. 

Native Delicacies

Filipinos love to eat "kakanin", those native delicacies made from either rice flour or sticky rice seasoned with the country's finest ingredients. Set up a stall near the church and you'll be surprised to see how willing people will buy your suman sa ibos, puto't kutsinta, sapin-sapin, bibingka, sinukmani or biko, halaya, and maja blanca. The famous puto bumbong will also be a great addition to your menu.

Starting a business doesn't always have to be costly. You can always start small and grow bigger. These business ideas are ideal this season, but you can still pursue them after the "-ber" months if you really want to. You may just need to think of new twists to market your products all year round. You'll be a successful entrepreneur if you have a strong determination and the will to take risks.