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Business and Pleasure: Top Gadgets Every Young Professional Should Have

by Tech Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Back in college, you probably didn't need a lot of gadgets to help you with your schoolwork. A tablet for your browsing needs and a mobile phone sufficed for calling, messaging, browsing Facebook, and sending the occasional tweet were probably your essentials.

Now, as you enter the real world and become part of the workforce, you likely find that some of your gadgets just don't cut it anymore.

Young professionals need to be prepared to handle a lot of tasks in a fast-paced and competitive environment. You'll likely need a hand or two to help you manage all your tasks, and this help can be provided by the right devices.


Here, we've listed a few tech devices that not only make work easier, they make every yuppie's (that's young professional, for you) work and life more manageable.

An iPad
Apple-the company that started the whole tablet craze-continues to make headlines every time they release a new model, and for good reason. Although the company may be facing stiffer competition, most of the tablets sold around the world are iPads.

This tablet by Apple is undoubtedly one of the most popular and useful gadgets nowadays, whether for work, school, or anything else. It's a tablet, a netbook, a personal digital assistant, and an eBook reader all rolled into one, sleek device.

Available in different versions, what's good about this device is that it's able to support more than 200,000 business apps-a true convenience especially for the young business professionals.

An iPhone or a Galaxy Note
Your choice of smartphone all boils down to your personal preferences. And here, we've listed the top 2 choices.

Samsung and its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note series, have had a great year sales-wise. Their global market share has been in a steady rise, beating out its rival Apple. Much of this can be attributed to the positive feedback surrounding the popular Galaxy Note Smartphones. Its easy-to-use interface, fast processor, and tons of free apps make it a great convenience for any office worker.

Apple, meanwhile, won't back away from this fight with the new iPhone 5, 5S and 5C, all sporting the company's most advanced processor yet. Apple has faced some tough times, but the fact stays-the company is still one of the leading innovators in consumer technology, and the iPhone is still the industry standard.

A Powerbank
Drained your phone's battery due to the endless text messages and calls you have to do? Get a power bank or external battery pack. There are a number of inconspicuous cases that can easily snap on to the back of your phone and give it an extra power boost. There are also small power bank units that can easily connect to a number of devices, be it Apple, Samsung, or other brands. Just make sure you're buying only those from trusted brands.

You still have to tune in to your playlist, and tune other people out even in the business world. Get yourself some high-value headphones or earphones. Go for the ones that have a good noise-cancelling feature such as Bose, but you can also choose whatever brand you want, as long as the sound quality is great.

A Sophisticated Watch
A number of James Bond-like watches are for more than just telling time. Smart watches, like those from Samsung or Sony, allow you to discreetly keep an eye on your emails, phone calls, and more. Basically, these devices are like a fusion between a smartphone and a watch, perfect for when you're on-the-go or in a meeting, but you really need to check on your updates. Many of these watches can be paired with Android smartphones and iPhone 4 and newer models.

The right gadgets can easily make your professional life a whole lot easier. The best part? You can use these gizmos both in and out of the office.