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Brow-mance: Why You Should Care About Your Eyebrows

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

When it comes to taking care of eyebrows, most guys only have two thoughts - "who cares" and Super Saiyan 3. Until very recently, eyebrows never became a priority for men, even when it came to improving their looks. Admit it, the only time you ever thought about your brows was when everything else (hair, beard, and skin) were done.

The New Brow Status

Fortunately, attitudes towards the brows are slowly changing and more men are going to salons specifically to fix their brows. No one knows why, but the male brow industry began to skyrocket after 2010. Multiple grooming lounges and salons saw a 33% increase in eyebrow waxes during the second half of 2014 as compared to the first half of that same year. Likewise, online sales of eyebrow trimmers grew by 300% from their original numbers in 2013.


There's no shame or stigma in caring about eyebrows anymore, but the growth in the prominence of brow care is leaving guys in the dark about what to expect or how to get the brow look they need. There are way too many ways to get a brow look wrong, and unlike a haircut, there aren't any hats that can cover a bad brow job.

The essence of good eyebrows is a balance between being full and tailored, as these help define the face by looking taken care of without being feminine. This look is actually difficult to describe any other way unless there are visual examples available. Luckily, such examples exist and you'd best refer to them for inspiration or just copy.

Brow Idols

Every face is different, and brows affect them in different ways. But, if you're looking for a simple style to make you look nice in the meantime, while you search for the brows that are best for you, watch the NFL. Specifically, look for New York Giants running back Tiki Barber, notice how his brows are full, and frame the top of his face in conjunction with his beard. It keeps all the attention on his features, which he also takes care of.

Finding the right brow idol is all about knowing which of them is closer to you in terms of face shape. Eyebrows have different visual effects depending on the shape of the faces they adorn. The trick is to counter the natural tendency of the face to create an overall balanced look.

For example, if you have a long face, having high arching eyebrows only emphasizes the distance between your forehead and chin, not to mention it'll make you look like a supervillain. Classifying your face shape is simple enough, sculpting your brows to complement it correctly shouldn't be too hard for a professional.

There may come a time when you realize that your face is better suited for Bradley Cooper's arches, or Jake Gyllenhaal's bushier approach. This is fine, just as long as you don't walk around looking like you have caterpillars on your face before that realization hits. There aren't many who can pull off an Anthony Davis.

The Wax or the Thread

When you decide to do something about your eyebrows, there are two ways to get them done - waxing and threading. Both of these methods involve pulling hair out by the roots so it'll hurt either way, but most experts recommend the threading method for men.

This is because a waxing treatment can make the edges of eyebrows look too sharp, giving it an overly treated look. Waxing follows the edge of the paper as its guide, while threading allows greater control in contouring the shape of brow to form any shape they want.

Guys who prefer waxing run the risk of looking like they care "too much" about how they look - if you catch the drift. There still needs to be an air of naturalness about the brows, and threading can achieve that look better.

Brow Business

Going back to the initial thought every guy has when the conversation turn to eyebrows - "who cares?" According, to leading marketers and advertisers, you should if you care about your career. High profile presenters and speakers look at the cost and the fuss as an investment, because good eyebrows mean good business.

When you make your living out of talking to people, and the pay depends on how much they believe you, how you say things is the most important thing to remember. This involves more than tone of voice and authority on a subject; it includes facial expression, ninety percent of which depends on the brows. Excitement, surprise, concentration, seriousness, sincerity, so on and so forth, heavily involves the use eyebrows.

Do eyebrows sound like something to be taken seriously now?