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Boosting Your Chances of Getting Her to Say 'Yes'

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Anyone who has been on a number of dates in their lifetime will happily share their thoughts on what you should and shouldn't do on a date. In reality, however, what's off limits and what's not depends on who you're going out with.

What we're saying is that when it comes to dating, we're on our own. The woman we are trying to win over this time is likely different from the last one, which means old strategies might not work with the new girl.

Winning her over often means listening carefully, reading her body language, and changing our approach quickly when we see her not responding positively. That's the tricky bit about dating, we can never tell if it will bloom into a relationship or not.

So, how exactly do we improve our chances of getting a girl to say yes? We've listed a few of our tried-and-tested words of wisdom. But first, a word on being turned down.

Turned Down, Turning it Around

Being turned down by a girl you like is really tough. And it hurts. It's not something to get you down, though.

When she says no to a movie or coffee date, it could mean she just really cannot go out with you on the day in question. It doesn't automatically mean they don't want to go out with you. It also doesn't mean no one will want to go out with you ever.

Now, how do you boost your chances of getting the girl?

1. Be Yourself

There is no single template of an attractive guy. A lady can fall in love with a man for a thousand different reasons. Tall, dark, and handsome are not the only criteria that get you the girl. Some ladies prefer the nerd, the weird, the confident, the funny, or the smart guy.

Whatever it is, the bottom line is to be you. Don't be afraid to show who you are and don't lie just to impress her. It's always best to have honesty as the foundation of a relationship. If she likes you, she likes you. If she doesn't, move on.

2. Look Good

While good looks and a six-pack may give us plus points in the dating department, these aren't prerequisites. We will, however, need to groom at the very least, if we want to win her over. Looks aren't everything, but it does a lot in boosting your appeal.

This entails a few grooming basics, like not smelling like sweat, not having bad breath, and not smelling like we haven't had a shower in days. While we're at it, let's be sure to practice good hygiene and keep looking presentable at all times.

Looking preppy shows you can take care of yourself. This gives the impression that you're responsible and that you are capable of taking of her. Being presentable all the time also lets you make a good impression in unexpected settings, such as an unexpected dinner, meeting with friends, or worse, meeting her relatives.

3. Talk Yourself Up (gently)

In line with #1, know that it's not a bad idea to talk yourself up, albeit in a gentle, tactful way. Skills and talents will always get us additional points, and highlighting them makes us look more dynamic, more interesting to her.

Conversely, don't forget to listen. Hear what your lady has to say and respond accordingly, don't just stare and nod. Do your best to make it a meaningful conversation, not just short questions with even shorter replies. Make an effort to really get to know the girl. This will likely get you on her good side. Plus, you'll have more topics to talk about.

4. Lay Your Love on Her

That is, allow her to get to know you, too. Just as you listen and get to know her, let her peel through the layers that is your personality. Let her get to know your interests and hobbies.

Don't be shy to let her know how you feel. If things go well, you'll be with her. If not, at least you didn't lie or deceive your way just to get a yes.

5. Don't Give Up Everything

That is, don't forget to have a life outside the dating game. Showing a girl we have time for other things shows we are mature and independent, and that she's not the center of our universe (which is a good thing). It lets her know you're not clingy and won't be demanding too much of her time, which is always a good thing for when you want her to say yes. It shows we're not about to give up your own life just to chase her.

It's the modern era, so know how to be the modern guy. Wooing the girl should not be the end-all and be-all of our lives, but it sure makes this world a lot more bearable. Know what's even better than that? Hearing her say 'yes'.