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Beyond Black: Can You Pull Off Dyed Hair?

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Bored with how your hair looks every day, and no amount of styling is doing it for you? Then it might be time to step it up and add a bit of color to your life - or more specifically, your head. Some believe that the only acceptable reason for a man to dye his hair is when it starts turning gray, but that is such an outdated and backwards way of thinking.

Every year, there are more guys out there who take the plunge and turn their hair into an entirely different shade. They might add only a few well-paced highlights, or go all the way. But really, what is it about dyed hair that makes it so attractive?

Why colored locks are all the rage
We have the media and popular culture to thank for that. Over the years, dyed hair has become the symbol of artists, musicians, and bad boys all over the world. It symbolizes everything cool and daring, a life that does not conform to the rigid expectations of society. 

Besides, who doesn't like standing out from the crowd? Especially here in Asia, dyeing your hair is one of the best ways to make a statement, and guarantees that people will remember you. For the man who is not content with the mundane, colored hair can be exactly what he needs to satisfy his unique and discerning sense of style. 

But what about work?
Yes, it's unfair, but people really do judge each other based on appearance. Even if the color of your hair has nothing to do with your work ethic, it can irritate more conservative employers. If you want to rock the colored mop at work, then keep it light and subtle; don't show up to the office with a neon green Mohawk, or you'll find yourself in the unemployment line faster than you can say "rock and roll".

This is especially important if you have a job that deals directly with customers, or if you are in a supervisory position. The company wants to protect its image, and certainly doesn't want you to set a bad example for the other employees. You might get a bit more leeway if you work out of sight, but you still shouldn't push your luck. So what should you do to keep from looking like a delinquent?

If you're worried about your career, then stick to more socially acceptable colors, like dirty blonde, brown, or auburn red. These are noticeable, yet common enough that most people won't really find them distracting or outrageous. How you style your hair is also important, as it can make the difference between "artsy free spirit" and "guy who will mug you if you look at him the wrong way".

The bottom line
Like any other element of style, hair color is something that takes effort and a bit of thinking to pull off. You don't just walk into a salon and pick a random shade, expecting to suddenly look great. What works for one guy might not work for you, so be ready to experiment a little until you find a look that you can rock with confidence.