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Behind the Looks: 5 Types of Men Women Take Seriously

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Have you ever wondered why some men have all the luck in the world when it comes to women? Many people think that it's all about the looks, but this isn't the only factor why they're winning the hearts of women. The secret lies beyond the ideal type - the type that draws women the most.

Specific personality traits and qualities attract the most women. They find some men more appealing than others because it's what they prefer in a partner. Here's a list of personality types that women take seriously:


Men Who Have Goals in Life
Many women fall seriously for men who have plans for the future. The more they see men strive towards their goals, the more they feel the need to support them. They attach themselves and eventually feel the need to be part of reaching that goal. Many women also feel inspired listening to stories about success and overcoming failures, as they become motivated to work on their personal goals.

Men Who Can Cook
The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach," as the common saying goes. In that regard, if a woman knows how to cook, she has an advantage. Nowadays, this condition increasingly applies to men as well.

The modern age removes the need for women to stay home all the time. They take care of different responsibilities, such as family matters and personal errands, on top of their career to sustain their lifestyle. For instance, if they are the only ones good at cooking, they feel the responsibility right away. Cooking delicious meals is a good way to pamper women. After all, who doesn't love food?

Men Who are Clutch
A clutch man is a cool, calm, and collected individual, and this is what many women love. They feel safe and secure because they know that somebody will take over when things go wrong. Men who exhibit self-possessed serenity can analyze the situation carefully and make better decisions for them. As women tend to be clumsy at times, there's this guarantee that they won't run into serious trouble.

Men Who Have a Sense of Humor
When life gets tough, the ideal way to keep women in high spirits is a sense of humor. Even the lamest jokes can get rid of the load on their shoulders, especially on a bad day. While no one should take jokes seriously, women prefer men who can make them smile every day. After all, a happy relationship can lead to a long-lasting one.

Men Who Are the Fatherly Type
Many women end up dating or marrying men who possess the same personality as their dad. Depending on their upbringing, their fathers helped shape their standards and view of men in general. They have set expectations at a young age and they use these when finding a partner. A caring and affectionate personality is the biggest advantage of fatherly types, as women prefer treatment that will make them feel loved.

The types of men that women take seriously differ. Looking for a partner doesn't necessarily have to be difficult; all you need to do is to work hard and make that personality your greatest asset. Good looks are just a bonus - women see through appearances and a great disposition makes them appreciate your character more.