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Be the King of Swing: A Guide to One-Night Stands

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Ah, casual sex. The thrill of getting under the sheets with a female you've just met to share the night. A bar; alcohol in the bloodstream; raging hormones; and a crowd of women overtly or secretly sharing the same itch you're dying to scratch. All is set, except for one thing: your game.

Bridging the gap between meeting a woman and taking her home in a matter of minutes or a few hours is an ability exclusive to a less than common breed of men. Don Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), for example, makes you want to bow at his feet with his impeccable success rate in taking any woman to bed; he does this almost at will. Hitch (Will Smith) is another example. Believe it or not, there are actual players who are living this lifestyle.


It takes strong motivation, strict discipline, and a huge amount of real-world practice to get a black belt in the art of landing one-night stands. You have to watch pick-up artists in the flesh or at least read their books to fathom exactly how they do it. But for starters, what you need to understand are the things women want in a casual sexual encounter. Only with this wisdom can you lay a solid cornerstone for your future sexcapades with positive results.

An Air of Confidence
Given the choice, women would sleep with the alpha male rather than with a lesser creature belonging to the same pride. The display of strength is such an attractive masculine quality, and one great way to demonstrate this is by being confident. Believing that you have the tools to get a girl and feeling comfortable with your imperfections are usually your aces over the others.

There's no need to shy away, as both of you are strangers.  It helps to exude an air of mystery to catch her attention and pique her curiosity. Compliment her, but not her looks-focus on her dancing or the elegance of her walk.

No Beating Around the Bush
Most girls go clubbing to socialize, and intentionally hook up with someone. While engaging them in small talk is customary, many women nowadays prefer guys to forgo the canned script and go straight to the point. If you feel you both have a connection, cut to the chase and avoid waiting for the next hour to make your move. Without being too vulgar and overly-aggressive, let her know how you want this night to end with her.

Protection, Protection, Protection
You know what's better than casual sex? Safe sex.
Women of today may be more liberated, but they remain health-conscious. They are fully aware that engaging in this kind of endeavor puts them at great risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS.

ALWAYS keep a rubber in your pocket, as you never know when it may come in handy. Promiscuity calls for responsibility.

Respect and Maturity
Just because women engage in one-night stands doesn't mean they will tolerate disrespect. Promiscuous girls want bad boys with good manners. They don't just need a warm body next to them, but a decent human being who behaves properly, even after the deed.

The possibility of a one-night stand lies just as much in the hands of the woman as it does in yours. You can drool all night, but you won't get lucky if she doesn't like how you play the game - or if you have no game to speak of.