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9 Gwapo Moves that Won't Go Unnoticed

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

There are certain guys out there who exude an attractive aura towards the opposite sex. They know very well how to grab attention, but not all of them are the stereotypical good-looking dudes who have those chiseled abs and defined jawlines that you might be thinking of. While physical attraction is important, it only lasts for a while. In fact, the secret to winning the dating game has less to do with looks and more to do with confidence and personality.

Below are the things that actually make a guy stand out. These are the moves that make you 100x gwapo.

1. When you hold the door for her

Even the most independent woman in the world would appreciate such a gentlemanly act. Sure, a woman can do this on her own, but it's simple things like this that show how courteous and polite you are.

2. When you run your fingers through your hair

Yup, this gwapo move doesn't only work in the movies. Preening is a show of interest and signals attraction. You're conscious about how you look when she's around.

3. When you walk closest to the curb

It's customary that guys stay closest to the street when walking with a girl. Make your girl feel protected from potential dangers at all costs-even if it means getting splashed by mud because of a speeding car.

4. When you initiate making the reservation

Taking the lead and planning a romantic date means that you think about her and that you want to be with her. Nothing's more irresistible than a guy who knows what he wants and makes an effort for it. Plus, it's a total turn off for girls when they feel like they're doing all the work.

5. When you give her your jacket

Cliche as it may seem, this simple gesture still sets a girl's heart aflutter. Much like pulling out a chair or helping her lift heavy stuff, it gives the message that you are there for her. It's also a subtle way for you to give her a quick hug.

6. When you're punctual

It's never nice to keep a lady waiting. May it be for a special date or on a normal day, being on time shows how much you value your girl, and that's attractive-especially in our culture where arriving late has become acceptable.

7. When you accompany her home

A true gwapo guy makes sure that his girl gets home safely by driving or walking her home. If you're still on the getting-to-know stage, offer but don't insist. And if you're already dating for who-knows-how-long, well, all we can say is that this act surely never goes out of style.

8. When you pay attention

Listening to her intently when she rants and noticing even the little things about her prove that you care. This also comes in handy in instances when you have to respond with an actual opinion or give a sincere compliment. 

9. When you keep your word

A trustworthy and reliable guy is a keeper. Show up when you promised you would, never spill a secret she shared, and don't give out false hopes. Always, always tell the truth.

You see, there's a lot you can do to make yourself noticeable and gwapo. In general, improving yourself to become the best version of yourself always works. It's in the small and big things-it could be you brushing up on your manners or something as simple as using an effective deep cleanser to get rid of oil and dirt on a daily basis. Doing all these (and more!) will allow you to be seen in a different light. When you're a natural gentleman and you look presentable, there's no way that they wouldn't find you gwapo.