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8 Problems of Men With Oily Skin

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

As a dude, you're born with naturally larger sebaceous glands, meaning your skin will secrete more oil than women's skin. If you happen to be extremely #blessed, you might even inherit the gene for oily skin, so double up the grease! Now, isn't that just fun?

Most definitely not fun, it's actually quite stressful and if you're one of the chosen ones, you would totally relate to these.

Struggle #1: That shine.

While you're crossing the street in midday, your face can probably blind a poor unsuspecting driver. Who wants to be the cause of accidents, right? Especially when the culprit is your annoyingly oily face.

Struggle #2: Feeling dirty

All that grease makes you feel like you're prepping to fry an egg on your face. And it's sticky AF. Couple that with beads of sweat for an icky combination like no other. There's nothing you want more than to wash your face ASAP to get rid of the oil. Seriously gross, bro.

Struggle #3: Looking dirty

Oil easily traps grime and dead skin cells, so your face is pretty much a shiny, filthy mess. It doesn't help that your face makes you less presentable. It's the fastest way to not feel fresh and confident to face your crush... who is now heading your way. Quick, find a hiding place!

Struggle #4: Wearing glasses or shades

One of two things can happen: Your specs either slide off your nose all the damn time, or the oil and dirt combo starts to form a disgusting extra sticky substance that glues your glasses to the bridge of your nose. We're honestly not sure which is worse.

Struggle #5: Falling asleep on the bus or the UV Express

The traffic sends you into a lull and you end up propping your head against the window as you go for a little nap. The moment you wake up, you notice a moist mark on the window-an oily one at that. Diyahe sa biyahe, bro!

Struggle #6: You're a scene stealer in photos

Remember that one tito whose receding hairline acts as a reflector for the camera flash in all your family photos? That's pretty much you in your barkada...but with your face.

Struggle #7: Acne

Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads. You name it, you got it.

Struggle #8: Beso is out of the question for you

Your best bud finally introduced you to his girlfriend's cute friend, and you feel like you really hit it off. You even exchanged numbers and have already made plans to meet up again next week, so parting ways with a handshake feels a little too formal, while a peck is too forward. You lean in for a beso and stop in the middle of your tracks because sebo! You end up giving her an awkward bro hug instead. #gamebuster

Get your act together, man! Just because your oily skin is something that you can't change, doesn't mean it's something that you can't manage. A good skincare regimen can help you regain control of your face and keep the grease to a minimum. Remember to wash your face daily with a trusty facial scrub, then follow-up with a deep cleanser to get rid of deep-seated buildup. Lastly, don't forget to moisturize to keep your skin from drying up and prevent your oil glands from producing even more sebo.

Stick to this quick and easy face care routine, and you can put an end to your oily skin struggles once and for all!