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7 Terrific Sports for a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

by Sports Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Staying in shape can be a real challenge, especially when most of us work long hours just sitting at our desks, staring at the monitor, and punching away at the keyboard. Probably the only exercise most of us get are bicep curls in the form of raising a spoon or a bottle to our mouths.

Here are 7 fun sports activities after a long week at work to stay fit and healthy and beat all the stress away.

With the World Cup fever sweeping the entire world, this is the best time to hop on the bandwagon and get your feet working. The cardiovascular benefits are astounding. Football is as intense as it gets, running back and forth just to score that elusive goal. And who knows, you might even rise to prominence in the sport and date the dreamy likes of Angel Locsin.

There is absolutely no way that any red-blooded Pinoy can watch a Pacquiao or Donaire bout without giving in to the temptation of throwing a couple of punches in the air himself.

Boxing gyms are strewn all about the Metro, giving us a chance to get an extreme workout. And of course, aside from getting that perfectly chiseled beefcake bod you've always dreamed of, boxing is a practical sport where you can learn how to defend yourself if you ever get into a sticky situation.

Fun runs and other such events happen left and right all over the metro on a regular basis, so there should be no shortage of ways to gauge how much you have progressed should you take up the sport. It takes a lot of discipline and hard work to keep pushing on through aching muscles and joints.

We all dream of basketball glory. It is the sport of choice for every true blue Filipino. This may sound weird to foreigners, considering the typical Filipino's height-or lack thereof. Whether donning the slickest Air Jordan kicks or a humble pair of Islander sandals, there's no way that the average Pinoy can walk by a basketball court without going through the motion of shooting a jumpshot.

While it's not necessarily a good thing for one's respiratory health considering the smog enveloping the metro, it's nice to not contribute to the pollution problem-while getting a good exercise. Trying to bike around the Metro does cause quite a lot of obstacles, though. However, it offers a good chance to see the countryside with the cool breeze blowing in your face while stretching your muscles.

The recent victories of Filipinos in dragon boat racing events has raised quite an interest in the sport. Rowing can provide all you would-be athletes with an excellent upper body workout. It's a demanding sport that requires a lot of endurance, patience, and discipline but the health benefits are definitely worth reaping.

While technically not a sport, we can't help but sneak this in here because of its many inherent benefits. It's definitely an activity that gives a great cardio workout while working the different muscle groups. And on top of that (no pun intended), it's definitely the most enjoyable "sport" of them all-in spite of a lack of trophies and medals involved.

A friendly reminder

Always remember to ask your doctor before undertaking any strenuous physical activity. The purpose of getting into sports is to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, not to suffer a massive seizure right from the get-go for pushing your body beyond its limits.