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7 Reasons You're Stressed and Saving Yourself From It

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

If you're reading this post, then it can only mean one thing.

Simply put, you are worked up about something right now, and you want it to stop.

And by opening this article, you're hoping that this will indeed solve your problem-and it definitely will-unless you're among the 3.3% who wouldn't bother addressing their stressors.

So let's cut to the chase and start by establishing a unified fact: stress is a purely case-to-case basis, but it ultimately appeals and relates the same way to each and every person. With this foundation, you're going to get up close and personal to the unconventional reasons why people experience stress.


And who knows, you might come across the main culprit for your current dilemma.

Below are some of the most common sources of stress for a bro and clear-cut solutions on how to settle the score once and for all.

Your Amazing Partner

You got that right. Though it may be hard to admit, the primary cause of stress originates very close to the heart. And when we say heart, it's our loved ones: family, friends, and most especially our partners.

Whether you've been together for some time now or have just started dating exclusively, you're bound to discover things you don't like about each other. It may be an activity you enjoy doing that she absolutely hates, or it can also be something that you both used to like to do-and one of you got tired of that.

THE SOLUTION: Find a striking compromise and balance. If both of you can't hold off on doing whatever it is that you both enjoy doing, then find a common ground where it can work for both you.

The Little Things

Sweating the small stuff leads to a lot of sweat that can lead to stinking problems. While the peace-mongering saying, "don't sweat the small stuff" is well and true-it is way off the mark when it comes to the reality of what a person experiences each day.

When the little things start to pile up and devour our concentration and focus, it will undoubtedly become a huge mess.

THE SOLUTION: Do corresponding little actions for the little problems. It works like a charm.

Stressed People Around

You see, stress is a virus.

If your boss got scolded by your musky CEO this morning, then you can also expect to get a mouthful sometimes over the course of the day. And with this relentless cycle of stress-passing, it'll be no surprise that you're going to feel angry and inept to deal with the rest of day. What's more is that you're likely to get mad at someone, too, along the way and pass the bad vibes along.

THE SOLUTION: First, acknowledge that others are in a stressed condition. Second, do not copy them.

Facebook, Twitter, and other Ranting Social Portals

This is almost similar to the concept of experiencing the stress of other people; social media plays a significant role in sharing the problems of others.

When you see a cute dog gif or a cool cat doing tricks on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, it's fine. However, when you read about the problems faced by the people you care about online, you can't help but wonder how you can assist them if you're there. And most likely, you simply can't because you, too, are stuck wherever you are at the moment-thus creating stress that won't quickly get resolved.

THE SOLUTION: Call them instead of liking, sharing, or commenting on their problems. Set a date where you can meet them and talk to them in person. This would put your mind at ease by setting a definite time where you can express your feelings towards another person.

Short Breaks

Some time off from your current situation can also add to the stress that you're experiencing at the moment. If you find yourself focusing too much attention on a particular thing, then staying away from it can aggravate more stress than needed.

THE SOLUTION: Close your eyes and do not move. Ask yourself where you are right now; what you're trying to do, for whom you're doing it, and what your plans are. This would take your mind off things and let you focus on what's truly important.

Your Wishes, Hopes, and Desires

Things rarely go the way we imagined them to be. When a plan goes haywire, it's natural that you will feel utterly upset and defensive.

This leads to a chain of pessimism that your next plan can also fail, and this mindset can bring down even the most optimistic people.

THE SOLUTION: Prepare for the worst, but don't hope for it. A good plan always pushes through not because of its brilliance, but because of its good intentions.

Doing Several Things Simultaneously

There is no better way to fail on what you're doing than giving it only a percentage of your focus and effort.

While multitasking sounds and feels awesome because you're able to accomplish more tasks, it can quickly tire you out and stop you from finishing anything in due time. If you do finish everything on time or faster-you're likely to sacrifice quality in the process.

THE SOLUTION: Whatever you do, do it with everything you've got. That's everything there is to a job well done.


Stress in a sense is nothing but the fear of the unknown.

The term originated from the Latin word "stringere" or "to draw tight" as a physical and mental response to something. Looking at it, stress will forever be part of our daily life, and there is no solution to that other than acknowledging that it exists.

How you look at stress and act upon it is all that matters.