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6 Gym Essentials You Should Pack For Every Workout Session

by Sports Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

The prep for a great workout session doesn't just begin with a good warm-up. It actually starts long before you lift your first barbell: when you pack your bag with the gym essentials.

From tracking your gains to keeping it fresh after you sweat, you'll want to throw everything in this list into your sports bag, stat! Armed with this can't-stop-me-now kit, you'll be pumped and primed to take on even the most demanding squat-to-burpee supersets.

Resistance Band

When guys hit the gym, they often zero in on their strength, and don't give a second thought to their mobility. Nuh-uh. The better you move, the harder you'll lift. This versatile loop of elastic is everything you need to keep your range of movement full and strong. Try this: loop them around your legs, go into squat position, and walk laterally (sideways) across the length of the gym. How's that for a dynamic warm-up?

 Heart Rate Monitor

Wearables equipped with heart-rate monitors may not be as accurate as, say, the ones you strap onto your chest, but they can play a vital role in keeping your workouts honest. A wrist-mounted fitness band allows you to check your heart rate in a jiffy, and make sure you're exerting enough effort during your high-intensity workouts.

Hydration Bottle

You sweat more than you think inside a gym. (And if you aren't, shouldn't you be upping your intensity a little?) There's nothing worse than having to scramble to the gym's front desk for a plastic cup while your entire body is screaming for agua. Keep your water bottle handy and topped up, so you can take hydrate while attacking the barbell rack.

Extra Shirt

Do you really want to get inside your car still wearing the same soaked shirt you used when you were dominating the barbell rack? (Tip: The correct answer is no.) Make sure you always pack a clean post-workout shirt-preferably one that shows off your newfound guns. Remember, you always want to look like you regularly go to the gym, not smell like it. 

Hand Towel

Bacteria and fungi thrive in the sweaty, humid environment of a gym, which is why it is vitally important to bring a hand towel to wipe down equipment-especially after you use it! Do your part in keeping the gym (and yourself) clean, and bring a hand towel with you when you hit the weights. Wipe equipment down clean after every set.


Speaking of bacteria, you should always lug around a toiletry kit whenever you go to the gym, and shower immediately after your cooldown routine. You won't just clean yourself off the sweat and germs you've picked up from your exertion, you'll also protect yourself against body odor-causing bacteria. Stuff it with the essentials: soap, shampoo, towel, deodorant, and a change of clothes.