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5 Tips on Looking Good Even After an Intense Workout Session

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Ugly grunting noises and semi-constipated faces are all parts of the road to fitness, but after your workout, you should instantly be back in gwapo mode. Feeling and looking good is a big part of why people exercise, after all. Here are a few essential things you'll need so that you can still keep being awesome, even after racking those weights.

1.     Towels

Towels should be mandatory for every gym session. You don't just use them to wipe away the sweat on your body, but also the sweat you leave behind on the equipment. True, admiring the puddles of sweat you've made on the floor as proof of your accomplishment might be inspiring, but trust us, no one wants to feel another person's cold sweat while they're bench pressing. Looking good doesn't just mean being presentable-it's also about how you respect other people.

2.     Quick dry gear

While cotton tees and pajama pants are really comfortable, quick dry clothes are what you need in the gym. Not only will you look better fresh and dry after tearing up those muscles, but wearing a soggy, sweat-soaked tee messes up your body temperature after working out, leading to chills or even a cold. Having sweat stay on your skin also clogs your pores and could lead to your skin developing rashes and other skin irritations.

3.     Dapper looking post-workout clothes

It's always a hassle whenever your gym doesn't have a place to hang your post-workout clothes, but don't fret: Here's a very easy life hack just for this situation. Bring a water spray bottle with you and spritz some water on the parts where your clothes have wrinkles on them. Let them dry for a few minutes then they'll magically smoothen out!

4.     A pre-workout shower

A shower before and after a workout? That's right. Even if you go to the gym first thing in the morning, bacteria accumulates on your pores and on your skin and scalp while you sleep, so even if you didn't sweat a lot while you were snoozing, the odor coming from your hair will still be noticeable. Plus, your dry hair could lead to unsightly dandruff. Just do everyone a favor and take a quick shower with a reliable anti-dandruff shampoo before even going to the gym. This way, you smell fresh and dandruff-free throughout and even after you workout.

5.     A great attitude

Not meeting your target weight or failure in that last rep can really be a downer for some people, but stress over it. Stress can cause your body to undergo chemical changes, which not only cause you to psychologically not exert your full effort in the exercise but also produce more foul-smelling bodily excretions (see: Stress Sweat vs Gym Sweat: Which Stinks More?). So bask in those endorphins to look, smell, and feel good at the gym!