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5 Times You Let Work Take Over Your Life

by Money Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Young professionals have an ardent desire to succeed in life. If you are one of them, chances are, you put in the hard work for any, if not all of these reasons-to have a bright future, get much-needed "real-world" experience, or fulfill personal goals. However, there are times that you work too hard to the point of forgetting that there's life outside of the office. With your preoccupation in fueling your ambitions, you may have neglected taking much-needed breaks and time off work. Below are five situations to identify if work has taken over your life.   

1. You turned down invitations for get-togethers.

Days before the weekend, you received a text message from your high school bud inviting you for some drinks on Saturday night. You really wanted to go, but you declined the invitation at the last minute because you found yourself with work to do at home. On a weekend at that! Bro, we tell you-don't spread yourself too thin. Find time to socialize with your friends and chill. You deserve it.

2. You skip meals.

In order to finish more tasks at work, you sometimes decide to skip some of your meals or eat at a later time. Sure, you may be saving on time, but that doesn't mean that you'd be performing at your best. You won't be able to focus well, what with the hunger pangs to only distract you. It's not only about eating meals on time, too-make sure you eat in your normal pace.

3. You take super quick showers in the morning to get to work early.

These quick showers may not be enough to rinse your hair. Admit it, sometimes, you even skip washing your hair just so you could make it in time! This is probably the reason why your hair is oily and sticky at times. Worse, you might have dandruff! Make it a habit to wash your hair daily with the right shampoo to keep it clean, healthy, fragrant, and dandruff-proof.

4. You feel exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally when you get home from work.

You're working way beyond your capacity, which is why you're completely drained of energy when you come home. Job stress can lead to burnout, and you don't want that. Worse, there's a huge chance you'd get ill if you continue with that lifestyle. Make sure to find balance between your work and personal activities and take a break once you feel tiredness creeping in.

5. You are MIA on important occasions.

Say your mom had plans on her birthday. You've known this since last month and you know how important it is to your mother. On the day of her birthday, you were getting ready to leave the office when your boss cornered you and asked about the status of a report that's due the next day. Not wanting to disappoint your superior, you stayed and completed the report. You can make it up to your mom next time, right? Wrong! While work is important, your mom's special day is, too. She only gets to celebrate it once a year, and most moms wouldn't say it, but it matters a lot if the family is complete for special occasions as such. The next time you encounter a situation like this, try to negotiate with your boss. Tell them politely that you can only stay up to a certain time and see if adjustments may be made, or say that you'll come to work early tomorrow to accomplish your deliverables.