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5 Pieces That Instantly Up Your Work Wardrobe

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

You can look smart and sharp in the office even in the most basic button down-plus-slacks getup. The secret is in how you accentuate your outfit with nice, interesting little accessories. So suit up, start experimenting with these fashionable pieces (and spritz on some fragrance as a finishing touch for you to smell and feel best!).

1. Wristwatch

When it's time to get stylish, never underestimate the power of a classy timepiece. Truth is, this can be all the bling you need.

A sweet and sleek wristwatch won't just tell the time-it also tells people that you mean business. Having one on lets others know that you value your time and theirs as well.

Though smartwatches are now quickly becoming a thing, nothing beats the timeless elegance of an analog one. The craftsmanship of the clock's hands and the sophisticated design of a wristwatch's face lend an air of refined maturity. Metal or leather strap-it's completely your call. So gents, make sure you consider your personal style, lifestyle, how much you sweat, and whether or not your sweat is acidic, among others, when selecting a watch.

2. Belt

A trusty belt will hold up your trousers and pull your look together. For business casual office wear, go for black leather that's about as thick as the width of your thumb. Any thicker and it'll look too casual for your ensemble.

For the same reason, you should also stick to buckles that are smaller and tastefully designed. Big, flashy ones can break the continuity of your outfit and make you look cheap. As for the one rule about wearing belts that you should never break, it's matching your belt with the shade, texture, and finish of your footwear. Black leather goes with black leather, in the same way that brown suede with brown suede.

3. Shoes

The safe route is to go for black leather lace-ups. They work for strictly formal wear and even for business casual attire. Brogues and wingtips will look great as well.

If your company's dress code allows for a bit more informal dressing, try opting for brown leather or suede shoes. And if you really want to make a statement, slip on some Chelsea or chukka boots. They give off just the right attitude without making you look too rugged or underdressed.

4. Socks

It's about time we got a little more adventurous with our sock choices, gents. Statement socks can add surprise flair when they peek out from under your pant legs, and they're a great way to show a hint of personality.

You can start with plain socks that aren't black or white. (Seriously, bro. Never wear white socks outside of the gym.) Try reds, emeralds, and navies. Once you've gotten a hang of that, you can graduate to prints and patterns like stripes, polka dots, and chevrons. If you're ready to get more daring and really play up your sock game, quirky but still stylish socks for the adult male that feature interesting imagery are now available in the market. Like, say, Star Wars themed ones.

5. Ties

Neckties tend to become an afterthought when dressing up, but that really shouldn't be the case. Ties take center stage in your outfit, so you shouldn't pass up to opportunity to use it to elevate your look. Don't be afraid to play with colors, textures, prints, and patterns. Better yet, take it up a notch by rocking a bow tie with panache.