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5 Essential Bro Tips to Make Condo Life a Whole Lot Easier

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Bachelor pad, man cave, manland, or mantuary - whatever you call your condo unit, chances are your space could use some help from the pros. Condo hunting wasn't exactly a walk in the park, and condo living isn't always a picnic, too.

With the limited space that's nowhere near the house you grew up in, things can get a bit tight.  But with the right tricks up your sleeve, condo living can be a breeze. Here are some of our best tips to make that happen.

1. Decide What You Want to do with the Space

Do you want the living room of your condo to be an entertainment center that features your brand new PlayStation 4 and wide-screen LED curved TV? Or do you want it to become a simple happy place where you can unwind after work?

2. Keep it Clean and Simple

Have an overall theme for your bachelor pad - and no, we don't mean strategically recreating the set from The Empire Strikes Back. No matter how badass wookies are, they just don't scream refined gentleman - they just scream.

As young bachelors, we're not expected to live in an exquisite, well-decorated home that interior designers swoon over. At the same time, however, living in a hamster's nest cluttered with PlayStation cables, Coke bottles, and empty pizza boxes is unacceptable.

Remember that the overall cleanliness of your pad is one of the first things girls notice about your place. You will always get plus points for doing things right.

3. Save on Utilities Whenever You Can

Energy-saving measures are a bit difficult to pull off in a condo, but it's workable. If the weather is cool, for example, maybe you can switch off the AC and just use the fan instead. Energy efficient light bulbs are also an easy way to ease up on your electricity usage. Also, the next time your mom or tita comes around, ask their help to install window shades.

Just make sure any improvement that involves tearing anything apart or putting up a new fixture is okay with the building management.

4. Be Nice to the Neighbors

This is the Philippines, not New York. Here, we make friends with our kapitbahays.

It's a really helpful tip for when you need help or a quick favor. Who knows, the girl next door might be one you'll want to be friends with.

5. Learn to do Chores on Your Own

Learn to shop, cook, and do chores on your own if you don't already know how to. You won't only save more money, you can use those skills to show mom you're doing fine on your own, show dad that you're all grown up now, and more importantly, show bae that you're responsible.

Living in a condo unit you can call your own is a great feeling. You just have to remember that you'll have to do everything from now on. As such, it's best to be prepared. Learn to become the man of the house, because there really is no other choice.